Monday, April 27, 2009

felicidades, pablito!

Pablito is the best friend. We have so much fun laughing together and hanging out, wearing our matching RayBans. I loved being at school with my dad during highschool because he is so likeable and sends out positive energy. 

The other day, I was teasing my dad that he didn't remember anything about my childhood, but that he always tells the story of Austin running to the window to see him when he came home from work as he yelled "wu!" to him. So I told him I would call him back in 10 minutes and that by that time he had to come up with a good story of me when I was little. So I call him back and he tells me of this time when we lived in the Williams' apartment, and I wanted to go play with Hoku across the street, so he was going to walk us across the highway. So we were waiting there, and he told me to cross, but I didn't cause I was worried or something, and then when I finally started walking, it was too late cause a car was coming. Then he yelled at me for hesitating.  Great story huh? I'm glad I have much better memories of us together. I remember him pretending to be the big dog and me and Austin playing with him in pammy's yard. I remember him carrying me into the house after fake falling asleep after a long car ride home. I remember us riding in the car together listening to Tom Petty on Saturdays. I remember him letting me use his work shirts as nightgowns. I remember him waking up early to take me to get snacks at foodland for my homelunch when it was a field trip day. I remember him giving me blessings and hugs and teaching me spanish. Le amo a mi papá demasiado! 

Happy 50th, Paul!

It just occurred to me today that this is your 50th! How amazing!! I am sure the celebration has been going on all day and will continue into the night. We are thinking of you today here at 4433. I hear rumor that you are coming to visit us this summer. We will try not to work you too hard so you'll want to come back.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gio the Bunny


I don't have any really good pictures of Gio in his bunny suit, but you get the picture. He is really good at hopping around like a bunny and eating carrots.
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Backy Cub


The last few weeks have been HOT! Gio keeps asking if it's summer. We have been swimming at the faculty club a lot. It has been really fun. Gio is learning how to swim without his life jacket. He can swim from the wall to me with his head under water(about 15 feet) but he still needs to learn how to get his head up and get a good breath. Both boys have jumped in without their life jackets and needed to be saved. Luckily we were right there. I am so excited for them to learn how to swim. I think they both might learn this summer. Gio will for sure.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Date Night

I just stumbled upon this article in the NY Times called reinventing Date Night. If you could plan a totally new/spontaneous/adventurous/off the wall date what would it be?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ultrasound Today

Damaris had her ultrasound today. The baby wasn't being modest so we know its a baby girl. Which is what we all thought so we're not that surprised. It will also make it easy to pick a name, Maria Aurea, so that's nice. She's going to have a lot of fun playing with all of her similar aged cousins.  We're super excited and stoked for the little munchkin.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

sunny day

Enzo loves surfing with his dad. Yay for longboards, tiny waves, and BEAUTIFUL sunny days.

Huntington Beach w/ Chelsea

We made it to the beach today and saw Chelsea and Robbie's awesome new place. I totally want to move in! It's just a block from the beach. Monet and the girls frolicked on the beach while Jesse surfed, Isaac snoozed, and Chelsea and I read gossip mags. Pretty fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lorenzo the Mafioso Wants to Wish Everyone a Happy Easter

(thank you aunty Ana and Yesenia for the outfit!)


Last year at Easter I was about as happy as my young girl heart has ever been. I went home to see Austin for the first time in two years, and was so happy to have my best friend back. I was done with school for the quarter. We went to the beach in perfect weather. We sang the Olive Tree at church....for the who knows how many -th time. Sienna and Kaity (with Gio and Zeke -- could I be any luckier?) had come home too. I felt blessed because I knew what was beautiful, true, and good in the world. 

This Easter season, I've been feeling a little different. Ali kindly invited me to have dinner with her and some of her playgroup friends. It was great to be around families and kids, and it was a nice contrast to my current state: on my own in the city, struggling to bond and make new friends, yet again. I feel like I've been trying to make new friends all year (first in Madrid, then back at Stanford, and now here) and it's hard. I went to church and kind of snuck under the radar, not really wanting to be noticed, even though my mom told me it was my mission to "put myself out there." I know it's a lifelong process, but I'm honestly kind of exhausted of putting myself out there...but I don't want to get comfortable in my loneliness, so I will persevere.

 Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about Conference and Jeffrey R. Holland's talk about the Savior. It really touched me, and got me thinking about how Christ knows completely how we feel in all of our pain and can support us and carry us and sustain us because of how personal the  Atonement is. When I was on the metro there were a bunch of kids and families...I guess tourist season is coming. So it was crowded and crazy, and the train was shaking and people were falling and stumbling all over the place. And I looked down and saw this little boy holding on to the rail. I'm not very good with guessing age, but I'm going to guess he was 5 years old. His little sister was standing next to him, and she couldn't reach the rail, so she was wrapping her arms as tightly as she could around his waist, hugging him, and holding on for dear life. I feel a lot like that girl right now. And I'm glad that I have the Savior to hold on to. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is a picture to show that our california king size bed is too small for Enzo.

At bedtime I make up a story and he repeats it. I'm not creative and it usually goes something like this "once upon a time there was a boy and when his friends came over he shared all his toys and was happy. the end" This is me trying to teach him some values. He usually repeats it word for word.

One story I told went like this...
"once upon a time there was a boy who went to the store with his dad. the boy wanted a new toy but the dad reminded him of all the fun toys he already had at home and the boy was happy with what he already had. The End."

Enzo's version....
"once upon a time there was a boy who went to the store with his dad. The boy wanted a new toy and the dad said O.K and bought it for him. The boy was happy. The end."

Friday, April 10, 2009

On the Move

(right before Monet fell off the couch)

Charlie and Mariah came to visit us this week.  We loved being with them.  It was kind of busy because we're moving.   But, Monet got to spend some quality time with them and they go to bond with Isaac.  Char came for one night too.  We love our family.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 1937:Remembering Bernarr

I talked to Shelley today and she was burning a candle for Bernarr on his birthday. We are doing the same here at Mimi's and also Ana at her place. It is peaceful seeing his picture on an easel in the candlelight. He was (is) a peaceful and gentle soul. We love Bernarr and his family.

it's a baby BOY

I don't have a cute Gio to announce my news. But we had our ultrasound yesterday and it's a boy. So far he looks healthy and is about the right size. I am also including a pic of more or less what I look like these days. I feel like I am huge, but I guess it's all relative. I am happy it is getting warm so I can spend more time outside walking and getting more exercise. Tony is really excited and can't wait to meet our little boy. We have a few names we like, but nothing for sure yet. There have to be some surprises for later. I am also really excited about celebrating Easter this weekend. It's so fun to celebrate Spring, new life, and the blessings of the Atonement at this time of year. Also, much thanks to Linds and Randy who made a special effort to be with us at the ultrasound and be our little support group. Linds had bought two presents--one for a girl and one for a boy. She's so prepared.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conference Surprise

Did anyone notice Chelsea in the first of the scenes shown during the last verse of "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" at the closing of the Sunday morning session? Note: You have to click on Sunday morning and then find the last song :) The picture was taken years ago at EFY. (Chelsea's friend Sierra is also in the picture, and her mom is the one who caught it and called Sierra who called Charlene.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Kiddie Parade/ Picket Line

One day Enzo might just turn out to become a raging capitalist but until then...
we'll continue taking him to demonstrations.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

wind and sea in between saturday conference sessions

We all went to the beach in between conference sessions on saturday to get outside. It was a fun little day. I did an air that didn't get filmed because Enzo was scaling the rocks nearby but Damaris still got some great footage. Enzo helped pick the song. Its funny how an hour surf session turns into 1 minute of video.

cherry blossoms

In my 7th grade history day performance, the narrator said she had come to DC hoping to see the cherry blossoms, "but, it's been raining since I got here." So, it was raining this week...but yesterday was beautiful, so we went out to see the cherry blossoms. There were thousands of people on the national mall...almost like inaguration part II, I heard some people say. It was crazy, but worth it. The blossoms were beautiful and I'm so glad I've finally seen these great trees in bloom. 

Happy Conference! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

brotherly love

Monet playing with her brother.  Notice the pink barbie brush on his forehead.