Friday, April 24, 2009

Backy Cub


The last few weeks have been HOT! Gio keeps asking if it's summer. We have been swimming at the faculty club a lot. It has been really fun. Gio is learning how to swim without his life jacket. He can swim from the wall to me with his head under water(about 15 feet) but he still needs to learn how to get his head up and get a good breath. Both boys have jumped in without their life jackets and needed to be saved. Luckily we were right there. I am so excited for them to learn how to swim. I think they both might learn this summer. Gio will for sure.
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sienna said...

yay. i love summer and swimming every day. i am so excited for them to learn how to swim for real.

noelle said...

looks so fun. it was in the high 80s here yesterday and i would have done anything for a pool, or the ocean better yet (except the ocean here is probably too cold to even put your toes in).