Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Home improvements

Last Friday C+J finished the outdoor shower. I was a bit annoyed because our date went down the drain since it ended up taking them hum......6 more hours then they expected. Bekah was good and kept saying how impressed she was because they had never done plumbing before. She's right, it was pretty impressive. It ended up being kind of fun trying to help them out. We needed to get water out of the pipes before they could fix a leak but they were having a hard time opening it up. So we all tried sucking the water out from the hose. That didn't work. Bekah was a bit smarter and got the shop-vac and sucked the water out. Buddy also came to the rescue and helped them finish it up. So now we have an outdoor shower. We also have a clothes line that actually works and the guys also took out the back gate so our yard looks a lot bigger. The pictures explain it better.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Enzo and Gwyn played ping-pong (Enzo style) for half an hour. He held on to a racket and she held on to the other racket. He would throw the ball and she would get it and he would get mad because she held on to it for longer than 2 seconds and then she would throw and he would laugh. Gwyn was super patient with Enzo. The best part was that they were both playing naked. I wish everyone was around to see it. What is up with our kids and wanting to be naked the whole time? When Enoch, Amy, Jesse and Bekah went on their trip the kids had a Rock and Roll naked party inside the van, not to mention their dancing party on top of the van. Groove on Palmer kids!!!!
ps: The fist picture is actually a little video. Click on it and it will direct you to You Tube to see the kids getting down!