Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrating our Matriarch!

People ask almost every day, wherever I am, "How is your Mom?" One friend, Marilyn, brings Mildred to mind in her meditation on having "no worries". Chuck, a friend in the ward who is quite the expert on alternative healing, has asked me to write down everything she normally eats. People want to grow up to be like her. Many remember and follow her example and teaching of "refusing to be offended". I am so glad Mom is living long, and we get time to enjoy and learn from her lead. (About a week ago I could hear over the phone as she won a scrabble competition with a one point lead.) Happy to hear she is bouncing back from a recent bug and is in great hands today as she celebrates her 95 years with 4 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 5 grandchildren, 2 greats and I am sure a good handful of friends who are family in Hawaii. How we miss our fearless leader at the homestead and have plans for another "partay" when she returns next month! Even Linda across the street points out that Mildred is the matriarch of the neighborhood as well! Mom is a little weary of my enthusiasm at her being the oldest surviving member of our ward, and possibly our stake. Emily Dickinson's words were never more true, "We turn not older with years, but newer every day"!

Friday, February 18, 2011

nothing says i love you like spam and rice and eggs

here's a belated, "happy valentine's day" we had a romantic breakfast of heart shaped spam and rice and eggs.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Pammy Show!

Early days with Mom in front of Pammy's first home on Rubicon Way

With Andy in front of Pammy's birth hospital (Mercy General)

With brother Andy again

Mike meets the parents 1969 (?)

September 4, 1970

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

here's to another year of LIFE (running, jumping, playing, tending grandkids, teaching, dancing, tie-dying, handstanding, swimming, biking, hiking, scrabbling, hugging, kissing, singing, tap-dancing, swap meeting, salad making, vegetable cooking, comforting, talking, sharing, loving). the kind of life that makes our fearless leader so fun to talk to and be around. everyday of being a mother makes me more grateful for all of the work and time and sacrifice and love and care that my mom put into raising us. we love you so much and hope you have the happiest birthday! glad you get to spend it with your mom and some of your many beloved sisters too!

some of my favorite february birthday girls.

christmas at the visitor center with minami, lili, and amaya

christmas eve (pammy shared her special christmas necklace with lili)

pammy with chris, da, and maria at ted's bakery

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 26th Birthday Sienna!!

Happy Birthday Sienna! It is already 9:30 in Utah, so I hope you see this. I hope you had a good day. I am so so so happy to have a sister. I cannot imagine my life without you. I love talking to you on the phone. You always have such good advice for me. I really wish we lived closer so we could see each other everyday though.

Some things I love about Sienna

She always has such a good attitude and is such a good sport about helping people out. (And a lot of people ask her to help them with things, because she is so competent and can do everything.)

She knew all of the answers in that Beezer Wizzer game. She is very smart and remembers everything. Very handy to have around.

She is very forgiving. I was not always nice to her when we were little, but she got over it and is nice to me now.

She has beautiful eyes, which she passed on to Bo.

And many more things...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Welcome Toa!

Toa arrived in the Mainland about a month ago!

He and Brodie are hangin' loose, fast friends!

We had a birthday for Yesenia/Welcome to Toa combo celebration.
Note the empty chair, as Mimi and Toa switched places in a way.

Cousin Love!

Mariko in the paper

Did you guys see the article in the Honolulu Star Advertiser about Mariko?
She rocks.