Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 1937:Remembering Bernarr

I talked to Shelley today and she was burning a candle for Bernarr on his birthday. We are doing the same here at Mimi's and also Ana at her place. It is peaceful seeing his picture on an easel in the candlelight. He was (is) a peaceful and gentle soul. We love Bernarr and his family.


Colleen said...

Because I didn't get to come to Bernarr's service, I sometimes feel like he is still here--which feels very good. He was/is such a classy guy. I think he definitely is staying in touch from the spirit world. He and dad, and Mike, and Gabriel. It's a good group of guardian angels.

Karen said...


mariah said...

charlie and i spent some time with Harmon a few weeks ago and we both felt the same way. You can feel his love with his family and through his family... and what a beautiful love :)