Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

So, Logan and Brodie wanted to be there favorite superheros, and cousin Luke's mom and dad(on my mom's side of the family) suprised brodie with his batman costume in the mail! he screamed with excitement when we opened the box. I had just painted a little black kitten nose and whiskers onto Sienna's face(not wanting to spend the money on a costume-so mean, right?!) Then I went out to the garage to find a black shirt for her in the storage tubs, and i saw a costume that Mimi and Karen had given us last Christmas! I didn't think it would fit her for a couple of Halloweens, but she's so tall that it fit her like a glove! thank you so much Grandma and Karen! we love you!
Love, Liz, Brian, Logan, Brodie and Sienna

happy halloween

these are from friday and skeleton cowboy on saturday. i was a raven and tony was the policeman from monopoly (since that was the theme for his work). i would write more but this keyboard is really hard to type on. miss you all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We love the Mikolyskis

Scott, Robin, Kaden, and Lucas came to visit. It was so fun to see them. Being with them was so natural and comfortable like we see them everyday. The kids were cute together and I love Robin's laugh. It was rainy here, so the kids played in a puddle, napped, and then we went to Danny's lab and the beach. Robin helped the kids frost and decorate cookies too. After they left Gio said, "I love them. I didn't want them to leave." At the beach Danny was taking pictures of the perfect mouse sized barrels.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


i stared messing with the design of the blog cause i was avoiding cleaning my house and taking care of my baby and doing my homework. then bo, who noticed that i was ignoring him, unplugged the computer. so this was as far as i got on the design. like? dislike? i can try and mess with it more later since i have a paper to write tomorrow, so i'm sure i'll want something to do besides my paper.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

more palmers in utah

eating lunch under the table

yummy pizza

bo loved hanging out with his cousins. he also thought they were hilarious.

crawling around so we wouldn't get in somebody's photoshoot

riding the cougar.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Forever 21

with ziggy
some of us without ziggy
custom shirt from Toa

el fin

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Bells Came to Visit

Liz and Brian came to visit a few weeks ago. The kids had so much fun together. We spent a lot of time at the beach and even got a babysitter one afternoon.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here's to New Beginnings...


I hope you have a wonderful day and am proud of the things you have achieved. Here are 21 things that I love about her:

Jasmine loves our family and is always excited to see them.

2. Jasmine is super good with kids.

3. Jasmine is super good with animals, especially Ziggy.

4. Jasmine knows how to laugh and her laugh is infectious.

5. Jasmine is very charismatic and makes new friends easily.

6. I admire how caring Jasmine is when it comes to sick people, animals, stories, etc.

7. Jasmine is REALLY good at doing hair (that is why I only let her do mine.)

8. Jasmine is hopeful and seeks to see what the future holds, which is pretty cool.

9. Jasmine is good at putting on make up and always looks stylish.

10. Jasmine is a good sister and us three always laugh.

11. Jasmine is really good at playing video games, especially Super Mario Kart. I wish I was as good.

12. We love having sibling time which consists of playing Life, Monopoly or Phase 10.

13. Jasmine is a good friend and is super loyal to them.

14. Jasmine loves Laie and misses the culture and the people, another thing we have in common.

15. Jasmine is a good listener and I appreciate the fact that I can talk to her about things.

16. Jasmine is fearless: when we go to amusement parks, she's the first to go on ALL the scary rides. I am such a wimp and I can only watch from afar.

17. When we were little Jasmine and I were best friends and wore matching outfits all the time, I miss those days.

18. I love that Jasmine is passionate about our culture and about our roots.

19. Jasmine is a lot more "chill" than I am, she doesn't get phased as easily as I do, which is something I wish I could do more of.

20. I love that when I get excited about a movie or a show, Jasmine will be super excited, too; which is nice because I don't feel as silly. :)

21. She's a Hunt, how can I not love that?! Hehe.

Even though Jasmine and I haven't always gotten along, she is still my sister and still very close to me. I love you Jasmine and am proud to have you as my sister. I hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve it!! xoxo