Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my language skills

Having learned English when I was 6 I don't think I have much of an accent. However, once in a while I realize I don't say something right. Christian makes fun of the way I say bagels. This isn't nearly as bad as what I've been saying this last week and getting the dirtiest/confused looks.

I am TAing a class this summer called "Horrors of old age"
when I tell people they all freak out. I just thought it was because people don't like to talk about old age. Until a friend, who had the same freaked out reaction said "WHAT? you're TAing a class about prostitutes who are in their old age?"

Apparently "horrors" and "whores" sounds exactly the same when it comes out of my mouth.

Now when people ask what class I'm TAing I just say, "the one about ageism"

Rock climbing is fun to do, to do, to do

Enzo is convinced of a lot of things such as belaying being his forte.
I love where we live. I love where we live. I love where we live.
rock climbing is so fun minus he butt shots!

we are going climbing this weekend again. Does anyone want to come?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hal is So married!

Remember Hal? Our friends from CT who acts exactly and even looks like Dwight? He got married. he called Christian and I to announce his engagement which was the funniest proposal story I have ever heard. Hal is humm.... great. we love him and we are SO glad he found someone lovely.

For Robbie

Robbie, happy birthday! I've been meaning to post this for a long time and just couldn't find it. Today I FOUND IT! so consider this a birthday present from someone who loves you but is too far away to give you a hug.

Happy Triple Birthday

Family Portrait:
Ephraim: Double butt dancing. Wild button up shirt wearing. Rocking to the beat of Stevie Wonder. Hitting all those notes with instruments I can't even hear.
Robbie: Keahi screaming in delight to see Robbie coming to the park. Holding Keahi's hand as he treads carefully on the rock wall. Now Amaya's lucky enough to get her own Auntie.
Moana: Dress alterations done artfully. Yards of fabric spilling over the side of Pam's kitchen table, quick stitching. Lots of smiling and chatting with everyone as they walk in.
Happy Triple Birthday! We love getting to have a piece of the Temple clan around at all times. Even better if there were more (hint hint).

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Happy Birthday Steve!

I am way too lazy to make a comprehensive list of all the things I like about Steve. But here's the short list with a few examples:

1. He's a good sport--driving around Brooklyn looking for a phone store to help me with Amy's phone ("renavigating. . .") without getting grouchy like 99.9% of all men would, reading in the car while I follow Shelley around the swap, driving me to Oakland airport in early morning traffic, emailing people about Mike's painting, etc. etc. etc.
2. He's super handy and looks for things to fix--I'm not even going to start on this list.
3. He seems to like us okay in spite of our klutziness--as evidenced by the fact that he keeps coming back, making good will rounds to Mom's, Colleen's, my house, etc .
4. He's handsome and suave (Shelley's right) and a fabulous and healthy cook (I love all the colors and textures, the abundance of vegeys--I feel healthier when Steve's around.
5. He gives great neck rubs.
And this only scratches the surface. Suffice it to say, we are so glad you were born and are part of our family.

Happy Birthday cute Amy!

Amy was the first sis-in-law I met. When I was dating Chris I used to love to go to NY and hang out with her and E. It helped that Amy is a total Christian fan and was rooting for us from the get go. It was nice having family in the east coast, and a place for us (and all our friends, and acquaintances, and...) to stay and roam around NY. This takes major chillness which is something she has in abundance.

She did my makeup when I got married and has continued to supply me with products. She is also the best supplier of hand me downs. If I ever get compliments on what I am wearing I can almost guarantee it's something that Amy gave me.

Amy is F.U.N. She gets really excited about things such as learning new words in a different language, making quiche, and playing Majong. I love the fact that she loves earrings and makes them too! When we spent Christmas with them in NY she had made these awesome stokings. As far as I am concerned she is queen of the funky crafts.

I love talking to her (when she answers her phone) or better yet in person! She is someone I can confide with and even though we don't see each other nearly as much as I would like, I still feel like I can tell her anything.

I am so glad she was born and married E. I am so glad she is my sis-in-law.
Happy birthday Amy!
Love, Da

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ethan Michael Spring

July 22, 1994

Today is a special day for all of us members of the EMS fan club.

random pictures

I found these pictures posted by mariah on facebook and thought i should share them....i thought they were great. Brodie Bell very serious in the pool.(actually Noelle might have posted this one)
Monet luaghing loudly....happy to be in the blow-up pool.
the Hunt's kitchen sink view
a flower to the breezeway
I am always impressed with what our used-to-be-little cousins are accomplishing or creating. I'm so glad we have blogs and facebook and such so i can see what they've been up to.

Monday, July 21, 2008

New York

flying to new york.

tenney watching nemo.
ada and amelia got their faces painted.
thanks goodness for otter pops on super hot days.
mom is a pro with three kids in the city.
ezra is a pro biker.
tenney is a heartbreaker.
at the park.

yay enoch and amy are home!

ben and emily came to visit.

sorry for so many pictures. i am catching up on my editing. i thought you would like to see some of the new york palmers. they are cute, as always.

Santa Barbara

gio loves his mommy.
enzo and da on the train at the zoo.

gio's black eye. he didn't even cry that much. so tough.
mommy and zeke napping.
one of my favorite shots. tony took this one.
tony was a good uncle.
throwing rocks in the river was super fun.
matching shirts.
good zeke faces.

gio loves his mommy, part two.

sorry this post is kind of all over the place. but i finally got around to editing my pictures from california. took me long enough. but here are some of the cute ones. hope you enjoy.