Wednesday, February 29, 2012

family picture

I had my reservations about going from our perfect family of three to a family of four. It is still perfect. Thanks to Adam for taking this picture for us. We had so much fun having him here. We are still adjusting to having another member of our family. We all sleep in one bed and it has taken some rearranging and getting used to. Bo loves "nuggling" (snuggling) with me at night, but he's had to learn how to nuggle me with Kai between us or to nuggle Tony instead. He's been a good sport about it all. Kai  is a good baby. He loves to eat and sleep and is already 9 lbs. Tony went back to work this week, so I've had both kids to myself for the last two days. Our house is not at its usual level of tidy, but we are all eating, sleeping (more or less), and enjoying each other's company.

Slides by Grandpa 1952

Pammy's First Camera

Norman Rockwell Models

Fun Times at 4433

The Boys in Sacramento

Friday, February 24, 2012

4433 Before and After

In the beginning


Dad and Cinder Blocks

Grandpa George and others

Bernarr and Andy

Uncle Parley, Natalie, Susie and Pam

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Classic Slides (for Kaity & Sienna)

Mimi teaching school

Baby Pammy with three older sisters

with Bernarr and Andy

lovely Mimi and little Pammy

first home in Sacramento

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Almost Birthday, Mimi!

annual snow trip on Washington's birthday with Tricia and Andrew
1971 (?)

Austin and Mimi with cutie Tricia

with Aunt Lois in a canyon near Salt Lake City

Andy has been having fun excavating and scanning more of Dad's slides. Pam will have to tell us who she is expecting, but I guess it has to be Enoch (fall of 1972).

I hope you have another great birthday, Mom! We are all so blessed to be yours.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Malachi George

Hey Family!

We've been wanting to post, but there seem to be other things that have found our attention. I know a lot of you have been thinking about/praying for us and we so appreciate it. We can feel your love and wish you were closer so we could give you a hug and say "thank you." Malachi was born on February 14 at 12:47 pm. He was 7 lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long. We think he looks a lot like Bo did. We love having him around, but are slowly figuring out how to divide our attention. Luckily, Tony has two weeks off of work and has been so great at taking care of all of us. We'd love to talk/video chat with you all if you have a minute. We'll try to post pictures as we find the time. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Shelly

Remember this heart dress that you brought Baby Maria when she was a day old? It looked so huge and I thought she's never grow into it. Well she has and she loves it, and that is saying a lot because she  loves being naked more than anything.

I took this picture of her right before home church. She doesn't wear shoes to home church. Actually Christian is the only one who wears shoes to home church.

Speaking of Church we miss seeing you and Steve after church every second Sunday of the month. I hope the antique fair in Santa Cruz is going well. I hope everything is going well. We miss you guys so much.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Surfing Tiririca Classico

Yesterday and today have been some of the best days of surfing I've had since I got here. Not big but super glassy and lots of little barrels. Some were even makeable. There's a guy who sits on the rocks taking pictures of people so I just bought a bunch of pictures he took of me this morning so I could have something to post. The first three are a sequence that actually has like 20 pictures in it and it was one of the handful where I made it out (although predictably he didn't get that). The next two and the last one are another sequence. Maybe this will help convince some people to come visit.

Monday, February 6, 2012

tired of waiting for cool news like pictures of happy lulu

I know that all we really want to see is pictures of Kaity and Danny's baby girl but they're taking forever so I'm forced to kill time by asking your opinion of my wannabe Enoch/hipster glasses. Shelley, the glasses fashionista says they are wrong for me--would only be right if I lived in New York, wore my hair in a bun, wore black, and was a designer of some kind. As is, they look like I'm a nerd of some kind. (What the heck. . .) However, they do look super cute by association with Enzo near by. I'm pretty convinced and am thinking of turning them over to Steve (she says they look good on him) and putting the glass in some other frames that of course she will have to help me find. What do you think? Also, I wish I knew how to post but I forgot and Adam had to help me, and he isn't the most patient. He thinks if I were on a desert island I could (in time) figure it out. And desert island is a good metaphor for my technological expertise. I don't really want Da to have to be the only one to post just not to see her backyard with the hippies for weeks. Here's to me figuring out how to put pictures on line and post. P.S. I loved getting a baby granddaughter on my birthday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Sienna, Happy early Birthday Pammy, and Happy new Baby Kaity

I have never heard Christian say one mean thing about the women in his family. The first time Christian came to hang out with me at MHC, when we were still getting to know each other, we spent an afternoon walking around campus. Christian talked about his mother, for hours and hours and hours. I was in love. I believed then and I still believe now that if a guy is good to his mother he'll be good to his wife. Christian has so much respect for the women in his family and I am so thankful that the women in his family are so rad. 

I hope the three of you feel extra special these days as you celebrate your birthdays and as you bring in new life to our family. 

We love you.