Sunday, April 5, 2009

wind and sea in between saturday conference sessions

We all went to the beach in between conference sessions on saturday to get outside. It was a fun little day. I did an air that didn't get filmed because Enzo was scaling the rocks nearby but Damaris still got some great footage. Enzo helped pick the song. Its funny how an hour surf session turns into 1 minute of video.


Robbie said...

Scott and I like the song! We kept thinking Christian might fall in time with the word "flop", though. :) Fun little movie. you guys rock. What did we do in between sessions? Sleep! and eat breakfast. Lucky you guys got to watch it at a decent hour, huh?

Ephraim said...

so, yeah, where do you get that song? Is it on a entire album of sweet music. I always thought your style of music was a little odd, Chris, but I'm glad you're getting Enzo into it!

Oh, another thing about American Samoa surf is that the water temp is always around 80F :P

Ephraim said...

sweet video! definitely worth the 5 minutes to upload.

Justin said...

Nice Video. Looked like a fun day. I went out there today and ran into Mark. We need to make some more videos