Thursday, November 29, 2007

more of break


Hi everyone. I am now back in school after a week long Thanksgiving break, which was great. Here are some pictures from my adventures.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

¡Mi Calabacita!

¡Primita, Feliz Cumpleaños! Te quiero decir lo mucho que te aprecio. Eres una de mis mejores amigas y te quiero muchísimo. Has crecido a ser una mujer bella por dentro y afuera (Benj dijo eso jaja). Gracias por siempre estar allí para mí. Eres tan bella, tan inteligente, tan espiritual, y te admiro demasiado. Espero que tu cumpleaños fue buenísimo y que recuerdes que te quiero y que siempre estaré aquí. ¡Espero que vuelvas pronto porque te extraño mi calabacita linda! Eres la máxima…

Con cariño

Tu pastelita

organizing my web life through RSS

There are so many new blogs and cool sites that I check out pretty often. Sometimes there is a new post and sometimes there isn't. If you are in a similar situation where you catch yourself checking a bunch of different blogs and news sites daily then you might want to use google reader
Here is a video on how RSS works it might save you a lot of time. Plus makes lots of cool little videos that teaches you how to use the inter net more efficiently.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Noelle

Happy happy Birthday Noellie! You have been an important part of my life since you were born: keeping us good company in the hospital when Mike was sick--the one person we could count on to be happy, being the needed contrast in a family of crazy boys, having a great sense of humor and letting it come through your writing (you have no idea how much I appreciated that!), continuing to give us something to brag about as a family (no pressure). . .we are glad you were born and love you very much. Hope you have some fun today (along with all the work). Love, Pammy

Blog No. 2

Hi. I decided to start my own blog. There's not much there. The url is

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I am thankful for...

Thanksgiving was amazing. Thank you so much Shelly and Steve for hosting. We left with a very full tummy and a bike, clothes, cordless phone, sheets, towel... you know the usual Shelly and Steve way of saying good-bye to their guests.
We got to visit Standford. It's a very beautiful campus, I am really glad we got the chance to pick Noelle up. It was good to spend time with her before we reached Shelly's house, it gave us a time to talk.
It was great seeing everyone. I am definitely thankful for families!
It was also Sarah's birthday. Here is a movie of the birthday girl.

Enzo was very thankful for the trampoline. He jumped his little heart out! He was so excited he kept jumping and signing more, more, more. I think he was afarid we would take him out.

PS: sarah has more pix in her blog. i added links to all the individual blogs that I could think of to under the title of our blog.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Imperial Palace-Through Gwyn's Lens

We wandered around the outside of the palace grounds a bit before finding one of the few gates you can enter. Miriam was a bit disappointed that there were no princesses around. The grounds we were able to see were quite beautiful. The kids enjoyed running around. There are so few places where they can. Good fun.

Austin's gravemarker

This is the marker for Austin and Mimi. It is very beautiful and some of us gathered here for the one year anniversary of Austin's death. We all miss him very much and yet his memory and love lives on in all of us!
Love Grimsmans


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Enoch

This is the fifth picture I tried to upload but the first that worked so I'm going for it.

Preview of coming attractions: Excerpt from journal October 17, 1978:

Saturday night after the kids went to bed, Mike let Enoch get up. We read several stories in The Friend together. Then we tried to find hidden pictures. We found nearly everything but a ghost. Mike came out of the bathroom and found it in a second. Enoch and I laughed. Then we went to del Prados to deliver a tiny carrot birthday cake. Enoch carried it with one blue candle. A friend visiting at del Prados asked if Enoch is our only child. We laughed. It was nice to have a little time with E. Austin alone.

October 23: Yesterday afternoon Enoch and I played Oh H---. He won, the little rascal. Kept getting the "trumpets." Later, looking the movie section in the newspaper, Enoch said, "I wish they had Charlie Chaplin II." (We had gone to see a Charlie Chaplin movie on campus a while before.)

Rereading my old journals made me remember what good company you've always been, Enoch. I love you very much and hope you have a happy, happy birthday and a happy year.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Blog discussion

Hey guys--
thought you might like to see---
My AP kids are having an awesome discussion while I'm in NY. I set up a blog for them to discuss "We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse's Story" and "Shooting an Elephant" (Orwell). If you've read these essays, you should check out the discussion (and maybe add to it!). I think the kids would be proud that someone's interested in what they're saying. Of course, the blog discussion is going way better than a real-life one. I'll ignore the implications of that for now.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feminist Housewife- Take one

I finished my first documentary a couple weeks ago. yay! I have been fascinated with all the mommy blogs out there from friends and family. It's such a cool way to express yourself and to keep people updated. I was checking out one of the blogs out in my office one afternoon and a friend walked in and asked what I was doing. I told her I was reading blogs. We got into a very cool conversation about stay at home moms, housewives and feminism. She convinced me to do a story on a housewife that blogs. After searching through LOTS of blogs totally stood out, especially because she lives only an hour away. So my friend and I worked on this project together. I worked on the audipo part of the project and another student Amanda Abel did the pictures. I should probably start my own blog so that I can post things like this. Anyway, I do trust your comments and feedback and I would love to get some feedback. At this point my life is being consumed by a documentary I am working on about Again feedback would be great and ideas for my upcoming project would also be very appreciated.

This is my sister

This is my sister Karen. We grew up together!
We look a lot alike. We are great friends.

Karen, you helped me feel loved and appreciated. Thinking about you on your birthday, I've been thinking about how you helped me: specifically you helped me develop faith and confidence in Christ. That is a huge gift. You helped me to love, through your nurturing and excellent hugging ability. I am a huge fan. (Big, beautiful and blue.) Here's a couple of your other fans. It was most excellent that you came to the wedding.

Love and Happy Birthday! Colleen

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Karen

Happy Birthday Beautiful Karen. So many people love you. And now we have the capacity to do a big family circle reviewing why. I'll start:
1. She loves the kids.
2. She's forgiven me seven times seventy.
3. She took great care of dad.
4. She gives fabulous reports.

Have a happy happy birthday Karen. We love you very much.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Calling...

Ok... So I just got called to be second counselor in the Relief Society Presidency which means that I'm in charge of Enrichment... I am super stoked but scared at the same time because I want to do a good job but I'm totally new to this sort of thing. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you guys had any suggestions for "fun" enrichment activities... We have a meeting coming up and I want to look like I know what I'm doing haha!

Well, I miss and love you guys so so much! Can't wait to hear your ideas (hint! hint!)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chelsea, Robbie and Monet

Monet at the pumkin patch

Andy's Post

Karen is over here with Mimi and showed me the blog. So I think I'll get in on it, maybe send you a few pix and keep you up on things here. We are eight now with Brian, Liz Logan and Brody, Charlie, Mariah, Charlene and moi.

Brian and Liz spoke in church today while I wrestled, one on one, with Brody as Charlene is at a "homeless Conference" in Portland. (I wondered how it is that the homeless are able to have a conference now, but it brought to mind some of the topics they might address. I'm sure they need to get together and bond just like everyone else.) Logan made four journeys to the stand with a different mission each time. One was to tell Brian that he had to go poop. It all went so well. Their talk was on forgiving, so I was able to apply the practice during the course of the talk: multi-sensory learning.

Can one post a digital video on the blog? If so I have a good one of Monet at her birthday party last August. IF not, a few pictures will do.

Love, Uncle Andy.

Christmas Gifts

So I guess we'll go down the line for gift giving except Adam will give to Jesse and Family and Jesse to Christian (even though Christian is older). More later but it's time to go to church.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

change name?

So when I created this blog I wasn't trying to make it exclusive to Palmers. I wanted to include Palmers and extended family and friends whom we maybe all know and like to receive updates from. I am so happy that Karen, Mimi, Noelle, Mighty, and Steve have joined us. I was thinking of changing the name of the blog so that it's not Palmers. Does it even matter? If you guys think this is silly and we should just keep the name or maybe have no name let me know. Also if you have any new suggestions let me know.

I'll keep the url the same.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

the springs' Halloween

my mom wanted me to put up some Halloween pictures of them.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

If you were married to Christian...

If you were married to Christian you would be one happy person right now.
Tuesdays are our crazy day. Chris teaches from 8:30-9:40am. I have class at 10:00am. So I take Enzo on the bus meet up with Christian on campus, drop Enzo off and go to Class. Christian comes home with Enzo and then watches Enzo, Damian and Avi for about half an hour until Avi's mom comes to watch Enzo. Christian then goes to the class that we both TA. He meets me there, usually with lunch. After class he comes home to watch Enzo and I am off to more classes. I always get home at around 7:30pm, very tiered. Today when I walked in the immaculate clean house (all of Christian's doing) I could smell apple crisp. Between the craziness of the day Christian not only managed to clean the house, put away the laundry, watch Enzo, put Enzo to sleep, but also make apple crisp.

what a guy huh?

Good weekend

My good friend Silvia from Brazil is now living in San Francisco. She's actually moving to Santa Cruz in December after her wedding. I am really excited. I went to her bridal shower this weekend in the city. Christian hung out with Enzo at a park. It was our first time in the city and we loved it. I can see why so many people want to live there. We hung out there during the day and then took off to Sacramento. We had a really fun Sunday with Mimi and Karen. Enzo loves that house. He feels so free and Mimi and Karen are always smiling at him even when he's being naughty. We had a great Sunday going to church, making Pizza and hanging out with family. Mimi is walking mostly without her walker. Enzo made sure he put the walkers to good use. Karen was helpful as always, especially in coordinating dinner with Ana and the kids. I am excited for Thanksgiving at Shelley's.