Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Super Sweet Sixteen!

This bakery cake was really quite tasty: chocolate with raspberry filling.
Yes, that is a fire you barely see in the fireplace. It has been a bit chilly for memorial day.
Sign by the Grimsman Girls


On Mother's Day each year, Tricia and company bring Mimi to Church. This year it included a fabulous brunch, scrabble game and new hair style, all before the meeting at 12:30. Mimi felt very spoiled (blessed), I am sure.

Mimi's Rolls 101

Preparing for Mother's Day Feast

Monday, May 30, 2011


Yesenia and Toa and their two friends Emily and Linda came down for the weekend. I hope that one day Yesenia has lots and lots of babies, she is pretty amazing with kids. We went to the Boardwalk with them and that was super fun. I didn't take any pictures because Yesenia took hundreds. Bug her so she'll put some up on the blog.

I did take some pics with my ipod of our sailing trip which was also super fun. Our friends Ted and Melissa Biggs got a new boat and they took us out sailing. They live on their boat and I wish I lived on a boat. It's pretty fantastic to live in such a tiny place and know exactly what you own. Here are some pictures in true intagram fashion.

The best part of the trip was Ted letting Enzo drive the boat and only referring to Enzo as pirate Enzo. Guess how excited Enzo was? I'm going to miss our friends so much. 

The other best part about our trip was Ted telling us about his sailing trips to Hawaii. Guess how much fossil fuels he used? Not a lot. We really should live on a boat we could sail to Hawaii and maybe even to Brazil without spending thousands of dollars in airfare. They're sailing to Indonesia. I'm so excited for them, I wish I could come with.

Remembering Memorial Day 1935

Mimi brought flowers and greenery gathered from her yard in honor of her sweetheart at his grave (though she reminds us that he is not there). It is a beautiful place.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


so, i finally got cool and downloaded an app that makes your phone pictures look like polaroids. don't worry, the only reason i have a phone with "apps" is because it was tony's hand-me-down. i will never be that cool. and it's just a boring picture of my kitchen because i tried to upload one of Bo, but it didn't work.

i am taking a break from working on my thesis. tony took bo over to a friend's house so i could have a quiet house to study and think. he's amazing. i am so grateful. i am on the last leg of grad school. i would have said something sooner, but i didn't want to jinx it and i came this close to actually not making my deadlines. although, i guess since i haven't actually finished yet, so i could, technically, still not graduate. but, if all goes to plan, i will finish this draft of my thesis on monday, turn it in to my committee on tuesday, and then defend a week from that date-- June 7th! you are supposed to give your committee three weeks before the defense, but if i did that i would miss the deadline to graduate and have to pay another semester of tuition, so the professors on my committee have been very understanding and helpful and i so appreciate it. what should i get them for a thank you gift? my heart is full. now all i have to do is buckle down and finish this draft and finally learn how to use a comma correctly. yikes. love you all. hope all is well. can't wait to finish, so i can blog again.

Friday, May 27, 2011


We had a great time together in Cancun! All inclusive means 143 Virgin pina-coladas Senor! And desserts....desserts....desserts!

Very romantic even for old married people. The beach and resort were awesome....we highly recommend the Gran Melia in Cancun!

This was our 20 year celebration...... a year after the fact and we had a beautiful time together as couples and cousins!

The water was warm and inviting and the people of Canun were sooooo sweet and happy to sell us anything they could ....pesos or dollars!

The water was georgeous and my repetitive phrase was...."OOOOO look at the water, every wave is a different color of BLUE! It was a trip of a life time and we were so grateful to have had it........ !

Friday, May 20, 2011

two words ---> TOOTH FAIRY

Enzo's tooth came out in the bath. It was super loose. We gave him a piece of toilet paper to wrap around his tooth so that it wouldn't slip and sure enough it quickly came out. Baby Maria who was also in the bath and saw the whole thing decided that she too wanted toilet paper in her mouth and she really wanted to pull a tooth out. She was so sad when she couldn't pull any of her teeth out, she even wanted us to try and pull it out. The funny things is that she's been super sensitive all week since she has 4 big teeth coming in.

Enzo just turned 5. I was expecting his teeth to fall much later. Is this normal? When did your kids' teeth fall out?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Two under 2--almost over!

Hi everyone! I know I haven't posted for a really long time, so here's a little update on me and my family here in Maryland.

Lucas is just about 9 months old. His hair is getting lighter, but still is dark at the tips. He gnaws on everything with his 4 teeth and drooly gums, and yes, he still spits up! Can't crawl yet, but has mastered sitting up and rolling everywhere. We love his eyes and his smile, especially because of his dimple! He's pretty good at playing on his own, but will always let us know when he's ready for some attention, or when Kadin's clobbering has gone too far!

Kadin is now 22 months old and is more active than ever. We are definitely running out of high places to keep things out of reach 'cause he just learns to climb higher and higher. His verbal vocab is sky rocketing and he can repeat couplets now. He loves books, his new Megablocks, and his kids shows. We finally moved him to a toddler bed last month since he could climb out of the playpen and was starting to make holes in the mesh siding! I'm actually looking forward to potty training because changing diapers is such an ordeal for our little mover that can't stay still! I can't believe that he'll finally be 2 in July! I've been calling my kids "the babies" this whole time, but soon I'll have two toddlers (that is, if Lucas ever learns to walk)!

Scott is getting more and more comfortable at work. We're very proud of him! And he is such a big help when he is home in the evenings and on weekends. He did everything for me for Mother's Day. We look forward to celebrating our 4th anniversary coming up at the end of the month, although we'll be moving, so not sure how we'll celebrate yet--something small.

I am totally immersed in this world of babies and sometimes I feel like I need something more. I keep trying to pick up a new hobby to keep me sane, but I never keep up with it for more than a day! I still barely have time to take care of my basic needs, let alone do something for fun! But I do attend RS activities and the temple whenever I can to at least get a break now and then. I'm also hoping to do some gardening once we're in our new home, but I'm sort of afraid Kadin will destroy it! (Here's a photo Kadin took by himself.)

Which brings me to our biggest news: we are buying our own home! We close on WEDNESDAY and will be moving in next week. It's not a detached home like we were looking for originally, but it's a duplex that has a really good "house" feel to it. The neighborhood is very inviting and convenient to everything. We'll have an extra room, so come and visit! With this big of an expense, we will most likely not be making it out to Hawaii till next year, and we sure do miss all of you in Laie.

Sorry this is so long! Love you all and hope you have a great summer!
The Mikolyskis

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MDP May 10, 1946

Pam and Mike

At the close of this day, I want to say that I for one am completely thankful for Michael Dalton Palmer: for his wonderful life and that I was blessed to be some part of it. This picture was taken during his first visit to meet the family, 1969 I believe. (We were at Shelley's.)
Hi everyone,
I received my mission call to the Japan Nagoya Mission. I'm really excited :D

I wasn't expecting Japan at all, but I'm really glad and mostly intrigued by my call. It should be interesting.

Mata ne!