Sunday, May 31, 2009

a good Sunday video

we watched this today in YW and I loved it. Hope you had a nice Sabbath.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here's the link to the Otsuji Farms website

If you live anywhere near honolulu you've got to go get your vegetables here. There's a link to the Honolulu Advertiser article and news video about the farm too.

Friday, May 29, 2009

may 29: celebrating 14 years of christian

attractive guests
how many peanut m&m's in a one quart mason jar?

after dinner entertainment (chopin)

jasmine's kitten felix

the girls

what we love about the birthday guy



happy birthday!
(see's candy graduation box)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I oughta have my head examined.

Okay fine. I'll move from blog stalker to participant even though I don't have pictures. If I did take pictures I'd have some colorful ones of the tie dye party yesterday. They likely wouldn't, however, show what was going through my mind, which was a phrase I had completely forgotten about that Mimi used to say (although it often applies). What was I thinking inviting 52 kids over to tie dye? Even though only thirty came (I know because Minami took roll--you can see her list for evidence. She even spelled Naitan's name right because she asked him how), I still had my hands full--mixing dye, running to the store for more rubber bands and gloves, making cinnamon rolls, finding bags, usw (und so weiter). Meanwhile, I realized once again that most seventeen/eighteen year olds are still kids, which is both what I like about them and what I need to take into consideration before I wonder why they wouldn't get that there is only one of me and thirty of them. Minami and Joy made cookies, and Adam made ice water and provided the trampoline, the ping pong table, and interesting conversation, so I had help. Still, as it was progressing Mimi's phrase kept coming to mind, "I oughta have my head examined." 

Friday, May 22, 2009






Gio holding Sea Drop, Zeke (superman) skating, Me 26 weeks pregnant, And Gio with frozen blueberry mouth (Yes, he is always wearing a costume).
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sac town

We got the urge to go on a road trip and see the fam.  Turned out to be a great trip.  Isaac, Monet, and I got to visit with everyone.  It was so nice be at Grandma Mimi's house and walk around the neighborhood.  There's such a good energy there.  All the flowers are in bloom and the leaves are green.      

Friday, May 15, 2009


"I have three babies in my stomach and they don't like to eat dinner. They really like chocolate so I need more chocolate to make them happy"

birthday party
me,"Enzo you can either have cake or the lollipop. You can't have both because it has too much sugar." when they brought over a piece of cake for me he said, "she can't have that because she already had juice and it's just too much sugar"(dang it! I totally wanted a piece of cake)

Avi came over today to play. As soon as Enzo saw him he said "we need to put away all the toys"
"why, is it because you don't want to share?" I asked
"no. it's because my toys don't want to play with him"

If you know a way on how I can keep him 3 yrs old forever let me know.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

29+ Reasons why Bekah is awesome

And why we're glad it's her birthday.
1. She's beautiful.
2. And, she's a really good cook.
3. She is very easy going.
4. She is good at having fun living in crazy foreign places, like Taiwan, Japan, Cape Verde, Portugal, and Irvine.
5. She is willing to move to Maine or Montana, but really wants to end up in Hawaii.
6. She has really cute kids.
7. She is a very patient, down to earth, good mom.
8. She likes to hike and camp,
9. And kayak.
10. She has been a good sport about being quasi-vegetarian.
11. She is also good at having fun without having any money.
12. She likes to read, and she's smart.
13. She is fun to talk to.
14. Her oatmeal cookies are famous,
15. She likes my family. (She even lived with my mom after we broke up, while I was in China, coming to my senses.)
16. She doesn't freak out when I tell her I want to change careers and be a fireman.
17. She like to go to the beach, a lot.
18. She can sing, and play the piano, and lead a ward choir.
19. She always says yes to callings, even cub scouts, sunbeams, or teaching relief society in a Chinese speaking ward in Taiwan.
20. She looks good with long hair and short hair.
21. She does almost all of the laundry and cleans the bathroom.
22. She is a good blogger. Her posts are short and funny, with impeccable timing.
23. She has a really cool family. You hear stuff about crazy brother or mother in laws, but I can't relate. They are all very cool.
24. She thinks sacred falls is a Sunday hike (and said so in our mission prep class).
25. She knows almost everyone in our ward, including kids, which is a major accomplishment.
26. She is willing to drive most of the way on long car trips.
27. She is very non-judgmental.
28. She is older than me, but no one would ever guess.
29. She is ok about having random people show up and stay unspecified lengths of time.
And finally, she was crazy enough to marry me. Happy Birthday Bekah.

Happy Birthday Gio and Zeke!



The boys got salamanders for their birthdays. Danny found them while out fishing in Nevada City. As of this morning two have names. The biggest one is Seadrop and the dark one is Coral Reef. Here is Zeke holding one.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009


9 Things I love about mikey

9-- great hugs whenever I see him
8-- so good looking (such a good model)
7-- so good at karate, reading, math and rip stick

6-- so much fun
5-- so smart
4-- so good at doing his homework after school
3-- such a good friend to all the younger kids like amaya
2-- such good taste- loves all things japanese like me
1--so nice to me

Friday, May 8, 2009


Birthday Boy

Remembering Mikey One Year Ago

Happy Birthday, Mikey! It was fun being with you last year for your birthday. I hope being nine is great. You are a wonderful person, by the way. I hope I will see you this year for sure. Love, Auntie Karen


Enzo and I went on the quickest Brazil trip of our lives just for my sister's wedding.
It was totally worth it. My sister happened to marry one of the coolest guys I have ever met. I am so happy for her and Bruno, her son. It was great to spend time with my family even though it was too short. Since they live so far away I don't know if you'll ever meet them so here is my family via web.
(me, my Papai, and my Mamae)

(Enzo and the love of his life, his Tia Iris, my little sis)

(me and my nephew Bruno)

(the happy couple, Roberto and Camila)