Saturday, February 27, 2010

No tsunami

As the news put it, "we dodged a bullet." I'm not sure that we deserve any credit, however, unless it is for acting like the tsunami was going to hit--loading food and provisions into the car, rolling up the rugs, at the last minute leave Toa to be the house watch dog (he said he can swim and hold onto trees). Ă…dam went to town to protect Shana and Mikey and Minami went up to the point to protect their mom. Shelley, Suzelle, Helen, Phil, Mimi went up by Cackle Fresh and the rest of us hiked up to pine forest where we luckily saw nothing but the usual beautiful view. On the way back we stopped at Needles where Jake and Mighty were camping with Gellerts, Shumways and others. Amaya had the time of her life. And the rest of us had an okay day. Felt a little like a conference Saturday. Some what circumscribed but not Sunday.

P.S. Enoch. Didn't get the boxes off because the mail didn't go. We'll do it Monday.
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Friday, February 26, 2010


I got bangs and I love them. I also got it layered and thinned out. Shelley says that I am going to be married to my hair straightener, which is fine by me.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2.25--6 months old!

we finally got around to hanging our brasilian hammock in our front room last saturday. since then bo and i have managed to take a nap in there together almost every day. we justify it since he's a busy, growing boy who is learning lots of new things and i am ridiculously trying to balance taking care of him, taking care of myself, and trying to take two classes and prepare for two upcoming literature conferences. this week, i have been feeling especially in over my head trying to work on several papers and get reading done on time all during the precious few hours that bo doesn't need to be held or played with or feed or bathed or whatever else we do. and i still manage to waste time taking long naps snuggling in the sun with my boy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Mimi- always Dad's favorite photography subject and all can see why!
Glamorous, sophisticated, reliable, loyal, adventurous, peaceful..we love you Mimi and are so grateful you are our mom, grandma and friend!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mimi's Birthday

I know it's super late notice, but since Mimi has passed on at least a portion of gift to her posterity, we're calling for poems to make a book for her birthday on Tuesday. (I'm not sure who's going to make the book. . .where's Sienna when I need her?) Anyway, email them to me and I'll print them up for her to read in her chair by the window for her birthday. Pam

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Weekend in Maine

A little late in coming, but here are some pictures from last weekend.

We played a lot of Settlers. I'm not sure who did most of the winning, but I know it wasn't me.

The kids knew to ask Auntie Bekah for usually off limit snacks (juice boxes, candy, etc.) I think they can sniff out the pushover in a crowd of parents.
Luckily, we decided against a cutest kid contest. It would have been too hard to judge.Thanks everyone for making Miriam's baptism so special. We've been scoping out more cool things to do here for when you come back!

Kadin the Crawler

After a month of awesome tummy time and balancing on his hands and knees, Kadin finally got the hang of crawling last Friday, Feb. 12, just shy of 7 months old. :) It took me a few days to capture him in action on video 'cause he never likes performing for the camera. Enjoy!

Missing Mimi

Mimi has been gone for a month. I know she is in a good place. (It is always a good place when she is in it.) If you are reading this, Mom, just know that we miss you. I would say we miss your presence and influence but it still abides in your cozy home. One friend who visits regularly calls this the "healing place". It's true, thanks to you (and dad).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm really enjoying this blog called Hopefully Mormon. check it out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine



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Valentine's in Maine

Here are some pictures from today. Do we have pictures from the baptism? Of course not! Was it an incredibly memorable wonderful day? Better believe it! Snowboarding in the morning, baptism in the afternoon, ward party in the evening, emergency room at night. After falling while snowboarding, she tried a handstand at the ward party and completed the fracture. For those interested, it's a buckle fracture (sort of like the bone compressed). She's in a splint until the swelling goes down. The cast comes on later this week.

And Happy Birthday to Kay!
ps, we're having so much fun!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I didn't know she could do this until I left my keys on the floor.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

do you know where your son is?

I had no idea where mine was at 1:15ish. I thought he was at the sand box but then a friend knocked on my door and said "I saw Enzo walking around in the lower loops carrying a bunch of junk"

He tied the buggy board to the cart and sure enough was lugging around a bunch of stuff. Not junk. Just stuff. His treasures, he calls it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We love Mimi.

Mimi is the easiest guest ever. She is completely self-actualized and self-entertaining. She's working through a pile of books Mariko has provided, the paper I bring home every day, takes a daily walk (often to the beach), and practices scrabble so she can "beat either Shelley or Suzelle." I'm slightly chagrined that she doesn't need to practice to beat me. We're pretty neck 'n neck. Sometimes she wins, sometimes me, and sometimes even my little sister, Colleen.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010


The presents keep flowing in. I got a new Driduck rain suit from Jesse (thanks). I hope we have more rain because I want to try out the suit, and we need it. Sienna sent me baby photo shoot prints (I can't get enough of the cousin quadruplets), and today a poem in response to my request for a rhyming affirmation for sixty (since all I could think of was fix me, which truly is not a bad goal for myself). Danny and Kaity sent Doug and Becky over with a lens (will my pictures suddenly improve?) This being sixty thing is working out quite well for me so far (knock on bamboo).

Sienna's poem:

February 4, 2010

Fifty-nine was fine.
But let's be clear
about this, my dear,
sixty is the new thirty-nine.

Unafraid, capable, alive,
it has a nice ring,
this tricksy, sixty thing.
It's the energy of twenty-five

and the wisdom of time,
years and years to find
a balanced state of mind
and a new kind of rhyme--

So don't try to fix me,
just kiss me--I'm sixty!

Friday, February 5, 2010

My name is Amaya C. Jackson, not Samaya!

I like to call Amaya, Samaya. She gets mad at me every time. It is hilarious to see her get so riled up over it. It may seem like a mean thing to do, but it is so cute to see her being sassy (although I bet Mariko and Jake beg to differ). Last night at Pammy's birthday dinner we had a photo shoot. I cannot get over how cute she is.

Amaya flexing is my absolute fave!

Sassy face! M didn't get the memo.Kissy face!

Sassy pose.

Sad face.

We are soooo happy for some yummy food and for beautiful Pammy!

We are bad-a.

Amaya cannot do a funky face.

Amaya was crazy about this and insisted on what type of poses we should do. I don't want her to ever grow up because I like her just the way she is.

Miss you all.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!





I don't know what I would do without my mom. She is so much a part of who I am. I am so grateful to have a mom who is such a good example of someone who is always trying to be a little better and live the gospel more fully. She always has really good gospel centered advice for any situation. So much of my testimony has been gained by watching my mom and doing what she does. I am thankful to have such a strong woman and role model in my life. Only now that I have my own kids do I really appreciate all of the sacrifices that my mom made to raise us. Thank you for being such a good mom. I love you!
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Sienna! 25!





Happy Birthday Sienna. I am so glad that Heavenly Father blessed me with a sister. I feel so lucky. Sienna is a very good friend. She is very competent. No matter what you ask her for help with she somehow magically knows how to do it. She is a very good mother. When Lilikoi and I visited her and Bo I'm sure she felt like she went from having one kid to having three. She took very good care of us. She fed us well and entertained us well. Not to mention Bo is the happiest baby on the block. He is one lucky boy to have such a good mom. I love being with Sienna. We always have some good laughs. When we were little I loved sleeping next to her in bed because she was always willing to scratch my back second. I know that everyone loves Sienna. There is nothing not to like.
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