Friday, April 10, 2009

On the Move

(right before Monet fell off the couch)

Charlie and Mariah came to visit us this week.  We loved being with them.  It was kind of busy because we're moving.   But, Monet got to spend some quality time with them and they go to bond with Isaac.  Char came for one night too.  We love our family.


sienna said...

what a cutie. it's so fun to hang out with family! and you have an especially great family. hope the moving went well.

christian said...

i love that little video of Isaac. he's so cute

Karen said...

i so love isaac's expressions. mariah and charlie are great company, aren't they? i am sorry to hear that monet fell off the couch! ouch! she is the ultimate big sister. love you all.

noelle said...

mariah and charlie are great. i can't wait to meet isaac!

Colleen said...

I thought Mariah and Charlie were coming to Hawaii? Hope it's still going to happen.


P.S. Isaac is so cute. Why do all of Andy's grandkids look like him to me?

Colleen said...

Well the boys anyway. Monet looks like her Mommy, and is naturally beautiful!