Monday, May 6, 2013

Ethan and Noelle visit Utah

I was a really bad photographer while they were here, but we loved having them. Noelle got some good pictures though that she posted on her Facebook. We went on some hikes (rock canyon and the diamond fork hot springs pictured below). Noelle and I went and got haircuts together. We ate some good meals out on the town and some good meals together at home. We had super nice weather. We loved sitting around and talking to them about life, etc. They helped me a ton with my kids and my kids loved them. Ethan even passed the sacrament at Church since our ward always needs help with that, and Bo was so excited, he kept saying, "Look, it's Effan!" He was even excited to introduce Noelle to Ethan when we went over to Austin and Kristian's one night. "Hey Effan, this is Noelle."