Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cousins came to visit in Huntington Beach.  Not the best pictures, but the only two I got of the bunch.  We LOVE our fam.  Thanks for swinging by...hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thankful for...

last night when Enzo was saying his prayers he said "I'm thankful for stickers on my body"
He put them on last night while Chris and I were ignoring him. This morning when he took of his sleeper he was covered in train stickers. 

Hi from the DeMartinis





I haven't been very good at taking pictures. These are proof that we went to Irvine the other weekend. These are the only two pictures I have from the trip. Joslin came in Danny's place and we went to Ikea. Miriam, Gwynie, Gio, and Jesse stayed home and made a fort (that Gio is still talking about) while the rest of us shopped. I got suckered into buying a dresser because it was on sale and people were lining up before the store opened. I still haven't opened the box. Haha. That's how much I NEED it. We went to Jesse and Bekah's ward which was fun because I actually got to go to relief society (I've been in nursery for 2 years now). When we got home Danny was gone but there was a toilet paper tower and Gio exclaimed, "WHO built this tower?!?!?" It was such a mystery to him. The last picture is my Valentine's Day roses. Danny took me out to breakfast. We wanted to go shopping but nothing was open yet. We went at 7. Haha. That night we drove to Irvine and babysat for J&B to go to the temple. It was fun. Love you guys. Love Kaity.
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Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was dad's most favorite photo subject! Everyone can see why!
Mimi would try anything.....once!

So ready for adventure!

Played always with her family!

We are all blessed to be loved by Mimi!
Love you Mom!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

'cuz I'm cool like that

Enzo is almost totally, completely, unquestionably potty trained. About a month ago he woke up totally dry and so I sat him on the potty and he would NOT go for like an hour. I became frustrated and said that if he ever used the potty I would give him a lollipop. he kept talking about the lollipop for ever and I felt so guilty about it that I just bought him a lollipop and said here don't worry about using the potty. He didn't worry and went right on eating his lollipop for like 5 seconds when we realized he didn't like it. It was shark lollipop and sharks are scary so he never asked for the lollipop again.

Then two weeks ago I ran into some friends and I noticed that their son who will be 2 in March was no longer wearing diapers. They told me their method of sitting the kid down on the toilet every hour and I became super motivated. The next day I started potty training Enzo. When he finally peed on the potty I praised him and said "Enzo is there anything you want as a reward?" and he said "a triangle". So I cut out a triangle out of some recycled paper and put some sticky tape on the back and he put it on the toilet. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. Next time he went he asked for a circle. Ever since then he always goes on the potty. He usually starts peeing or pooping in his unders and then stops and runs to the potty. If I remind him then he'll just go without even getting himself dirty. Bottom line, I should of done this A LONG time ago.

Another thing you should know about Enzo is that he no longer goes by "Enzo" he now expects everyone to refer to him as coruja (owl). Christian is papai coruja and I'm mamae sapo (frog). I told him that I wanted to be an owl too but he said not yet. I'm waiting for my upgrade.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming Down Our Street Has Never Been So Cool

My friend called me and said "you do realize that Lance Armstrong is coming down your street in about 2o minutes right?" SAY WHAT!!! Sure enough the 2009 AMGEN Tour of California did in fact come down my street. Here are some pictures to prove it. It was pretty eventful being out there with a bunch of our neighbors cheering them on.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love me some Valentine's Day

Chris and I celebrate Valentine's day on February 15Th. It's the day we met at the Last Chance Single Adults dance. It's convenient to not have to fight with other couples for a restaurant reservation. I was bummed that the 15Th is on a Sunday but so far we've been having fun celebrating early.

Yesterday our ward went all out on a Valentine's ball for the adults. They set up one of those big white wedding tents, had lots of balloons and flowers, sparkling cider and very good dinner. Dancing was a hoot especially seeing all the other couples get down with no shame. It was one of those events that if any teenagers were present they would of been curled up in the corner horrified by their embarrassing parents. Needless to say all the adults had a blast.

Today we're going to a concert. One of my favorite bands, ALO, will be in town. I'm pretty excited. Tomorrow we'll go about our Sunday and maybe eat a few extra chocolates, the stale heart shaped sugar cookies that are still laying around, and reminisce about the 6 years we've been together and ask each other the inevitable "what the heck were you thinking?"

Happy Valentine's Day everybody.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Isaac Andrew Panter

This is Grandpa Andy writing from La La Land. These are a few of the picture I have taken so far. We are trying to confuse everyone with regard to late January and early February birthdays. Suzell: Jan 27, Robbie Panter: Feb 1, Kenny Lipman: Feb 2?, Andy: Feb 3, Sienna: Feb 3, Pamela: Feb 4, and new baby Isaac: Feb 5. There are probably more but only Karen could say for sure.

Isaac Andrew Panter was born Feb 5 at 746am.  He is a very easy baby.  He only cries when he is poopy or hungry.  He has lots of dark brown hair and was born 8 pounds 4 ounces.  His sister loves him very much and isn't at all resentful...however she does seem resentful towards her grandparents who take her away from her baby brother daily to get exercise out of the house.  So far, he looks like his dad.  We'll keep you posted.  

cheese bagels

I used to really like food and cooking. Probably because I didn't have to cook every day, so it was a fun activity to do once in a while. When I got to college and had to cook every day, I quickly became a minimalist. I am definitely guilty of going weeks on cereal, bagels, and orange juice. A pizza bagel and orange juice from the Twilight Zone was my number one most-consumed meal at BYU. Bagels have been my staple. They were the one American food item I missed the most in Brazil—which is crazy since we had amazing fresh bread from the bakery every day. I remember trying to explain to my Brazilian friend—it's like bread that's boiled or steamed.

Even my short and unmentionable stint at Einstein's (horrible house of) Bagels did not deter my love. Although, it did always confuse me why everyone always ordered the asiago cheese bagel. I liked the cheese bagel, but I never understood its draw over blueberry or sesame seed or even honey whole wheat, However, now that I have to eat constantly to sustain myself and the extra person inside me, food has taken on a whole new meaning. I have developed a deep aversion to leftovers, old food, or anything that I used to like. For example, I used to really like hummus. So we bought a huge tub of it, only to discover (much to Tony's dismay) I can't stand it anymore. I can only eat it with pretzel chips which our Costco has decided to discontinue. After seeing a blog post about asiago cheese bagels on Linds' blog, I chipped away some old ice and uncovered some frozen Costco cheese bagels in the back of the freezer. I toasted one up covered it in butter and almost died (of happiness). It was the most delicious thing i had ever tasted. So today I walked to the store in the freezing cold and bought more. I can't get enough of them. 

That is until next week when they will most likely repulse me. (Last week, it was smoothies and Subway sandwiches.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Laie fun

Here are some shots from the Pine Forest hike for Pam's birthday. It was such a fun time, filled with lots of strawberry guavas. Then we got to enjoy beans, rice and blueberry cobbler. Yum!

On Friday, we got an unexpected visit from Ephraim as he was passing through Hawaii on his way to DC for business! Here are some shots from that as well. Jake and Mariko came to town and met up with Moana and I and the kiddies. Oh, and the baby is not mine, he's Moana's! Mine has 5 months left to go before he/she arrives. :)
Sorry to take up so much space, but I figure I hardly ever post, so I can fill a lot of space once in a while!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Born!

Chelsea had her baby boy on Thursday the fifth. I hear that mother and baby are doing well. I saw a picture on Charlie's phone and he is perfectly cute (Uncle Charlie's nose?) 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches. Isaac Andrew. I'm sure we'll see some pictures soon. Congratulations to the happy fam!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Pammy!

"Pam Sandwich"

Happy Birthday Pammy!

All the family loves being around Pammy and feels of her love
Pam and Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam was a second mom to many of us and we are all so grateful for that!

Most beautiful couple ever....perfect example of love!
Happy Birthday Pam.....

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister. We are looking forward to our yearly visit. Hope you had a grand day, beach, bike and friends. Loved Sienna's pictures on the blog. We are going to Santa Cruz next week...with Suzelle. It will be special fun to have Mimi with us this year. Love you looking forward to being with our dear friends...I'm sure Maya is reading...its best she keep it a secret for awhile. Sista Shelley.

Happy Birthday Pam. Wow another one of those that keeps creeping up on ya. I'm in denial myself except for the creaks, pops, aches, etc of my body. Gee I just can't wait to arrive and see what's lurking in the "In Basket" for me. High on the list will be shopping at the Kam and cooking. Yeah the stinking rose will permeate for a few weeks. Good for the heart and soul.

Itinerary; Hawaiian Air Flt# HA 0047
Arrives @ 12:05pm

Amor, Steve

Happy Birthday Mom!





I love you mom! Happy Birthday! (These are Sienna's beautiful pictures.)
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009