Monday, February 9, 2009

More Laie fun

Here are some shots from the Pine Forest hike for Pam's birthday. It was such a fun time, filled with lots of strawberry guavas. Then we got to enjoy beans, rice and blueberry cobbler. Yum!

On Friday, we got an unexpected visit from Ephraim as he was passing through Hawaii on his way to DC for business! Here are some shots from that as well. Jake and Mariko came to town and met up with Moana and I and the kiddies. Oh, and the baby is not mine, he's Moana's! Mine has 5 months left to go before he/she arrives. :)
Sorry to take up so much space, but I figure I hardly ever post, so I can fill a lot of space once in a while!


Metta said...

Robbie, you look like a natural with that backpack (frontpack) on! SO excited to see your little one when the time comes. Give Scott hugs from me too, and tell him that I finally found Elder Barney on facebook... the Elder who I was first introduced to, and started the lessons with. I don't think he knew him very well, but tell him that lately I've been thinking about the Elders who taught me, and having lots of thankful thoughts. XOXO

sienna said...

great pictures robin. thanks for the update. that's fun that you got to see ephraim. and i am jealous i missed the happy birthday pammy hike.

Pamela Palmer said...

Heh Robin, Can I have copies of those for my book? Do you make copies ever these days?

Damaris said...

I loved all these pictures. It made my monday a happy on. How nice that you got to see your brother.

Karen said...

robbie, this made my day. how you captured pammy in her relaxed natural beauty. amaya as cute as ever with her little bear(?)hat. all the pictures are wonderful. it is fun to see yesenia back in the laie fold, though we miss her terribly. oh, yes, and i am happy for you. you will be a great mom.

Rebekah said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Pam and a belated Congratulations to you!

The hike looked beautiful. Wish I could have gone, too!

Sending much love,