Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister. We are looking forward to our yearly visit. Hope you had a grand day, beach, bike and friends. Loved Sienna's pictures on the blog. We are going to Santa Cruz next week...with Suzelle. It will be special fun to have Mimi with us this year. Love you looking forward to being with our dear friends...I'm sure Maya is reading...its best she keep it a secret for awhile. Sista Shelley.

Happy Birthday Pam. Wow another one of those that keeps creeping up on ya. I'm in denial myself except for the creaks, pops, aches, etc of my body. Gee I just can't wait to arrive and see what's lurking in the "In Basket" for me. High on the list will be shopping at the Kam and cooking. Yeah the stinking rose will permeate for a few weeks. Good for the heart and soul.

Itinerary; Hawaiian Air Flt# HA 0047
Arrives @ 12:05pm

Amor, Steve


Karen said...

Steve, Shelley and Suzelle come on Wednesday, February 18.

Mariko said...

Looking forward to seeing you coming. Glad to see you DO read the blog. Ha ha.

Pamela Palmer said...

Can't wait to see you too (so you can keep giving me that magic wand over and over again). And yes we do have a Steve wish list. (But that's not the only reason we love you.) Missing you. Pam