Thursday, February 12, 2009

cheese bagels

I used to really like food and cooking. Probably because I didn't have to cook every day, so it was a fun activity to do once in a while. When I got to college and had to cook every day, I quickly became a minimalist. I am definitely guilty of going weeks on cereal, bagels, and orange juice. A pizza bagel and orange juice from the Twilight Zone was my number one most-consumed meal at BYU. Bagels have been my staple. They were the one American food item I missed the most in Brazil—which is crazy since we had amazing fresh bread from the bakery every day. I remember trying to explain to my Brazilian friend—it's like bread that's boiled or steamed.

Even my short and unmentionable stint at Einstein's (horrible house of) Bagels did not deter my love. Although, it did always confuse me why everyone always ordered the asiago cheese bagel. I liked the cheese bagel, but I never understood its draw over blueberry or sesame seed or even honey whole wheat, However, now that I have to eat constantly to sustain myself and the extra person inside me, food has taken on a whole new meaning. I have developed a deep aversion to leftovers, old food, or anything that I used to like. For example, I used to really like hummus. So we bought a huge tub of it, only to discover (much to Tony's dismay) I can't stand it anymore. I can only eat it with pretzel chips which our Costco has decided to discontinue. After seeing a blog post about asiago cheese bagels on Linds' blog, I chipped away some old ice and uncovered some frozen Costco cheese bagels in the back of the freezer. I toasted one up covered it in butter and almost died (of happiness). It was the most delicious thing i had ever tasted. So today I walked to the store in the freezing cold and bought more. I can't get enough of them. 

That is until next week when they will most likely repulse me. (Last week, it was smoothies and Subway sandwiches.)


Karen said...

your food saga interests me greatly. (chuckling out loud) i am happy you found something you can eat this week :) i still miss you.

Damaris said...

I love you and I love bagles too. I've been so crazy nauseous that I now hate food even though I have to eat every hour on the hour or else I die.

yesterday I had a bag of goldfish crackers that tasted like a million dollar dinner. It was incredible. Every bite just made me smile.

Now I'm craving that cheese bagel.

Mariko said...

Oh, Sienna. I totally remember this. I was on the smoothies and subway sandwiches kick for about 4 months. I couldn't even eat just any subway sandwich, it was only cold turkey, with tomato and lettuce (no real vegetables) and mayo, and I couldn't eat it inside the store because it smelled disgusting. I'm sorry! You are totally reminding me again why I am so overjoyed to be not pregnant, but I am also overjoyed because you are. :)

Kaity said...

I am loving those cheese bagels right now too. Some other Costco customer tried to talk me out of buying them, but I bought them anyway. I like them with cream cheese. Nothing ever sounds good to me, but then tastes fine. It's weird.

Robbie said... Any food sounds good to me, pretty much all the time. How funny about the cheese bagels, though! Can't say I've had any cravings yet, but we'll see.