Thursday, February 19, 2009

'cuz I'm cool like that

Enzo is almost totally, completely, unquestionably potty trained. About a month ago he woke up totally dry and so I sat him on the potty and he would NOT go for like an hour. I became frustrated and said that if he ever used the potty I would give him a lollipop. he kept talking about the lollipop for ever and I felt so guilty about it that I just bought him a lollipop and said here don't worry about using the potty. He didn't worry and went right on eating his lollipop for like 5 seconds when we realized he didn't like it. It was shark lollipop and sharks are scary so he never asked for the lollipop again.

Then two weeks ago I ran into some friends and I noticed that their son who will be 2 in March was no longer wearing diapers. They told me their method of sitting the kid down on the toilet every hour and I became super motivated. The next day I started potty training Enzo. When he finally peed on the potty I praised him and said "Enzo is there anything you want as a reward?" and he said "a triangle". So I cut out a triangle out of some recycled paper and put some sticky tape on the back and he put it on the toilet. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. Next time he went he asked for a circle. Ever since then he always goes on the potty. He usually starts peeing or pooping in his unders and then stops and runs to the potty. If I remind him then he'll just go without even getting himself dirty. Bottom line, I should of done this A LONG time ago.

Another thing you should know about Enzo is that he no longer goes by "Enzo" he now expects everyone to refer to him as coruja (owl). Christian is papai coruja and I'm mamae sapo (frog). I told him that I wanted to be an owl too but he said not yet. I'm waiting for my upgrade.


Karen said...

To little owl: good job. And to mamae sapo: great storytelling.

Mariko said...

Oh man. I told Jake I was jealous and he said I shouldn't be. I should just be happy.
I didn't say, but was thinking, "I should be happy that Amaya has a total melt down any time I ask her to get on the toilet?"
Anyway, happy for you. :)
As I told my students who compared me to a mouse (looks wise), it's never flattering to be compared to an animal. As frogs go, you're still quite cute.

Damaris said...

I was basically waiting till he did it naturally until I got it in my head that toilets are not natural. Then just socialized him

Robbie said...

Congratulations! Glad you found out what he liked as a reward that isn't even food! Keep up the good work.