Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi from the DeMartinis





I haven't been very good at taking pictures. These are proof that we went to Irvine the other weekend. These are the only two pictures I have from the trip. Joslin came in Danny's place and we went to Ikea. Miriam, Gwynie, Gio, and Jesse stayed home and made a fort (that Gio is still talking about) while the rest of us shopped. I got suckered into buying a dresser because it was on sale and people were lining up before the store opened. I still haven't opened the box. Haha. That's how much I NEED it. We went to Jesse and Bekah's ward which was fun because I actually got to go to relief society (I've been in nursery for 2 years now). When we got home Danny was gone but there was a toilet paper tower and Gio exclaimed, "WHO built this tower?!?!?" It was such a mystery to him. The last picture is my Valentine's Day roses. Danny took me out to breakfast. We wanted to go shopping but nothing was open yet. We went at 7. Haha. That night we drove to Irvine and babysat for J&B to go to the temple. It was fun. Love you guys. Love Kaity.
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Damaris said...

if you haven't opened your dresser by the time we see you again you can give it to us because Enzo's dresser died.

I love your red roses. Good job Danny!

Karen said...

good stories. you take after your mom.

sienna said...

that story about Gio and the tower is really funny. i love the picture to go with it. i miss you guys so much.