Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was dad's most favorite photo subject! Everyone can see why!
Mimi would try anything.....once!

So ready for adventure!

Played always with her family!

We are all blessed to be loved by Mimi!
Love you Mom!


sienna said...

happy birthday. sounds like she had a fun barbecue in hawaii with family and friends. i love the beautiful pictures.

Karen said...

we miss mimi! i heard about the scrabble cake made by mariko and yesenia. thank you, tricia for the classic pictures. the rafting picture is hilarious! one of the rafts capsized in a rapid that day, as i remember, though i wasn't there. david a. had a scare.

noelle said...

great photos! mimi is such an inspiring woman. we're so lucky to have her. happy birthday.

Grimsmans said...

Yes Karen the large raft hit a jagged rock, tore and all the kids were floating down the river. So glad there were many people willing to jump in and save the day!

Kaity said...

I love the pictures!!! and I love Mimi!!! I've always been proud to be named after her. Happy Birthday.