Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my language skills

Having learned English when I was 6 I don't think I have much of an accent. However, once in a while I realize I don't say something right. Christian makes fun of the way I say bagels. This isn't nearly as bad as what I've been saying this last week and getting the dirtiest/confused looks.

I am TAing a class this summer called "Horrors of old age"
when I tell people they all freak out. I just thought it was because people don't like to talk about old age. Until a friend, who had the same freaked out reaction said "WHAT? you're TAing a class about prostitutes who are in their old age?"

Apparently "horrors" and "whores" sounds exactly the same when it comes out of my mouth.

Now when people ask what class I'm TAing I just say, "the one about ageism"

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