Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Triple Birthday

Family Portrait:
Ephraim: Double butt dancing. Wild button up shirt wearing. Rocking to the beat of Stevie Wonder. Hitting all those notes with instruments I can't even hear.
Robbie: Keahi screaming in delight to see Robbie coming to the park. Holding Keahi's hand as he treads carefully on the rock wall. Now Amaya's lucky enough to get her own Auntie.
Moana: Dress alterations done artfully. Yards of fabric spilling over the side of Pam's kitchen table, quick stitching. Lots of smiling and chatting with everyone as they walk in.
Happy Triple Birthday! We love getting to have a piece of the Temple clan around at all times. Even better if there were more (hint hint).


Pamela Palmer said...

I love you Temples. You are as close to family as anyone can be. I know because you keep coming back in spite of my inadequacies. I feel so lucky we somehow merged our two fams. Happy Birthday, Pam

Robbie said...

Thanks you guys! I feel so blessed to have "family" around like you. Mighty, I love your words used to describe us! I want to print out that post and keep it in my journal!

Sienna said...

a little late, but happy birthdays! People don't get it when I try to explain how you guys are related. "You know they're friends, but they're family." It makes sense to me. thanks for being so fun and so loving.