Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday cute Amy!

Amy was the first sis-in-law I met. When I was dating Chris I used to love to go to NY and hang out with her and E. It helped that Amy is a total Christian fan and was rooting for us from the get go. It was nice having family in the east coast, and a place for us (and all our friends, and acquaintances, and...) to stay and roam around NY. This takes major chillness which is something she has in abundance.

She did my makeup when I got married and has continued to supply me with products. She is also the best supplier of hand me downs. If I ever get compliments on what I am wearing I can almost guarantee it's something that Amy gave me.

Amy is F.U.N. She gets really excited about things such as learning new words in a different language, making quiche, and playing Majong. I love the fact that she loves earrings and makes them too! When we spent Christmas with them in NY she had made these awesome stokings. As far as I am concerned she is queen of the funky crafts.

I love talking to her (when she answers her phone) or better yet in person! She is someone I can confide with and even though we don't see each other nearly as much as I would like, I still feel like I can tell her anything.

I am so glad she was born and married E. I am so glad she is my sis-in-law.
Happy birthday Amy!
Love, Da


Travis said...

I was in the Ikea parking lot with Amy last week when she spontaneously went up to two older black ladies and told them how cute they looked in their outfits. The comment made their days, I'm sure. I love how she's 'a friend to everyone.'

Ja må hon leva. Hurah, hurah, hurah!

sienna said...

she is a friend to everyone. i have meet so many great people through amy. she is such a good example to me of love and fun and friendship. i am so grateful for her for putting up with me for so many summers in new york. she is beautiful, stylish, and talented. and she is a great mom. i can't wait for them to come to utah this next week.

Yesenia said...

happy birthday, amy! she has always been so fun to be with! when i first met her at her wedding reception, she was nothing but nice to me. when i saw her last summer for si's wedding, she told me all of these funny stories, and i felt so bad because i was SUPER annoying, but she still treated me as someone important! i totally agree with what everyone said and i hope that she has a fabulous day!

Bekah said...

Happy Day to Amy Dear. She showed me where to shop in Tokyo. She's got me haunting Okadaya and Bookoff, but when we come back, I'm taking her to Tomato.

She's lovely, so fun, so kind. Wish we could see you and E more often.
xoxo bekah

Pamela Palmer said...

I love you too. I so appreciate the way you are a fan of the whole fam. Even though we all think you are way cooler than us, you make us think you think we're super cool. I'll never forget my dad's nintieth when you came and knew everyone's name by the end of the first day. What a coup for E to marry you.

christian said...

Happy Birthday,
Youre awesome and we hope we get to see you guys soon. We loved living next to you guys on the east coast and hanging out on weekends.

Jesse said...

Congratulations. We had lots of fun with you and Ez and E in Tokyo. I even enjoyed Shibuya with you guys. (Usually I find it totally overwhelming and want to leave as soon as I get there.) Hope you have a great birthday.

Karen said...

amy, happy birthday! one of the highlights of coming to sienna's wedding was getting to know you better. refreshing.
i was touched by your story about ezra in kindergarten and his concern about what happened in the 60's to the blacks. you were on the subway when he asked you if he was black or white. (only one boy in his class knew what he was) he was disappointed to find out he was white.
also, i was feeling self conscious about my skin condition on my arms. you said you like it when people have something strange or different.
happy happy birthday to a truly beautiful and compassionate person. your children and e are blessed.

Kaity DeMartini said...

Happy Birthday Amy! I have always looked up to you as an older sister. I loved when people asked if we were sisters. I think you are an amazing conversationalist and wish I could talk to people like you do. I love your kids and am so glad that you married Enoch. I can't wait to see you guys at Christmas and play some Mahjong and eat Thai food.

Mariko said...

Amy is awesome because she loves food (and knows where to find the good grubs), is a gracious host, is always up for some fun, is a natural conversationalist, and has style like nobody's business. I like to go to NY and always hope that some of Amy's awesome rubs off on me (no luck yet, but I'm willing to keep visiting).

sara said...

there are not enough words to describe how much i love amy. but here are just a few...

1. amy is selfless.
2. she is always willing to help and always makes it seem like it's not a big deal, even when you KNOW it is.
3. amy is beautiful.
4. she is my fashion mentor. i always copy/want everything she has, and most of the time if i mention i like something, she just gives it to me.
5. she is up for anything. even a method party in NYC where she didn't know anyone.
6. on that note, she is ultra-fun in a photo booth.
7. she has small feet, so we can share shoes.
8. she is ultra-generous, like letting me "buy" earrings from her for probably less than it costs her to make them, so i have cool presents for my westchester friends.
9. she is moving to westchester!!! we can't wait to be neighbors again.
10. she is a great cook.
11. she is the shopping master.
12. her love of food is contagious: she's gotten me to step outside the box in what i eat, and now i love all kind of ethnic food, thanks to amy.
13. she knows i have great punctuation skills, even though i never use them.
14. she tolerates my taste in music. and loves me even though i don't like bjork.
15. she is always willing to watch my kids, and loves them almost as much as i do!
16. her kids are so much fun, and know tons about so many things, because she's taught them well.
17. she always lets travis sleep at their house, and join their family, when westchester is just too far away or the kids and i are gone.

this comment is getting way too long and making me realize i need to do a post of my own on the stratford blog.

amy i love you!!!!