Tuesday, July 22, 2008

random pictures

I found these pictures posted by mariah on facebook and thought i should share them....i thought they were great. Brodie Bell very serious in the pool.(actually Noelle might have posted this one)
Monet luaghing loudly....happy to be in the blow-up pool.
the Hunt's kitchen sink view
a flower to the breezeway
I am always impressed with what our used-to-be-little cousins are accomplishing or creating. I'm so glad we have blogs and facebook and such so i can see what they've been up to.


Karen said...

thanks, chelsea. this was a fun surprise.

Sienna said...

looks great. i love the pics. i love the still life of the kitchen window.

Kaity DeMartini said...

I love these pics. The one of Monet is awesome. Blow up pools are so fun when you're little.