Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is my sister

This is my sister Karen. We grew up together!
We look a lot alike. We are great friends.

Karen, you helped me feel loved and appreciated. Thinking about you on your birthday, I've been thinking about how you helped me: specifically you helped me develop faith and confidence in Christ. That is a huge gift. You helped me to love, through your nurturing and excellent hugging ability. I am a huge fan. (Big, beautiful and blue.) Here's a couple of your other fans. It was most excellent that you came to the wedding.

Love and Happy Birthday! Colleen


Colleen said...

The last picture was for Paul to say happy birthday. I won't wake him to comment--until tomorrow.

Sienna said...

Great pictures and post. It made me cry to think of how fun it was to have Karen at the wedding and how great of an influence she has had in all of our lives.

Pamela Palmer said...

Yay Colleen! Nice pictures and post. Karen, you hold a very unique and special place in the family.

Damaris said...

this was the 100th post! It was very hard to get people to post back when I started the blog. I'm so glad we've made it up to 100 and I am glad you were the one who posted!

Karen said...

Colleen, I am very touched. I love the picture of the three of us in 1975. You and Paul are still as beautiful as your wedding announcement photo. :) I love you.