Tuesday, November 6, 2007

If you were married to Christian...

If you were married to Christian you would be one happy person right now.
Tuesdays are our crazy day. Chris teaches from 8:30-9:40am. I have class at 10:00am. So I take Enzo on the bus meet up with Christian on campus, drop Enzo off and go to Class. Christian comes home with Enzo and then watches Enzo, Damian and Avi for about half an hour until Avi's mom comes to watch Enzo. Christian then goes to the class that we both TA. He meets me there, usually with lunch. After class he comes home to watch Enzo and I am off to more classes. I always get home at around 7:30pm, very tiered. Today when I walked in the immaculate clean house (all of Christian's doing) I could smell apple crisp. Between the craziness of the day Christian not only managed to clean the house, put away the laundry, watch Enzo, put Enzo to sleep, but also make apple crisp.

what a guy huh?


Karen said...

He is practically perfect. I could smell the apple crisp as I read. :)

Pamela Palmer said...

the apple crisp was the most memorable and enviable part (for the rest of us).