Sunday, November 25, 2007

I am thankful for...

Thanksgiving was amazing. Thank you so much Shelly and Steve for hosting. We left with a very full tummy and a bike, clothes, cordless phone, sheets, towel... you know the usual Shelly and Steve way of saying good-bye to their guests.
We got to visit Standford. It's a very beautiful campus, I am really glad we got the chance to pick Noelle up. It was good to spend time with her before we reached Shelly's house, it gave us a time to talk.
It was great seeing everyone. I am definitely thankful for families!
It was also Sarah's birthday. Here is a movie of the birthday girl.

Enzo was very thankful for the trampoline. He jumped his little heart out! He was so excited he kept jumping and signing more, more, more. I think he was afarid we would take him out.

PS: sarah has more pix in her blog. i added links to all the individual blogs that I could think of to under the title of our blog.


Karen said...

It is great to see this. It was a very calm gathering even though we were sooo many.

Pamela Palmer said...

wow! way to go shelley and steve (and everyone else who made it work). enzo is such a cute jumper. and hearing the birthday song was like being there. crazy fun family--yay!!!

noelle said...

it was great to see you guys. Thanks for picking me up...and sorry I didn't know the campus better to give directions to get out of there.