Sunday, November 11, 2007

Andy's Post

Karen is over here with Mimi and showed me the blog. So I think I'll get in on it, maybe send you a few pix and keep you up on things here. We are eight now with Brian, Liz Logan and Brody, Charlie, Mariah, Charlene and moi.

Brian and Liz spoke in church today while I wrestled, one on one, with Brody as Charlene is at a "homeless Conference" in Portland. (I wondered how it is that the homeless are able to have a conference now, but it brought to mind some of the topics they might address. I'm sure they need to get together and bond just like everyone else.) Logan made four journeys to the stand with a different mission each time. One was to tell Brian that he had to go poop. It all went so well. Their talk was on forgiving, so I was able to apply the practice during the course of the talk: multi-sensory learning.

Can one post a digital video on the blog? If so I have a good one of Monet at her birthday party last August. IF not, a few pictures will do.

Love, Uncle Andy.


Damaris said...

Andy, what a treat to see pictures and to see your post. Please send me your e-mail address and I can send you a link so that you can always post. If anyone else in the big household wants to post please send me their e-mail address as well. Posting a video is very easy. When you post a message there is always an icon for pictures and one for movies. You just upload the movies that you want.

Oh...I agree that homeless people need to network. I love the newspapers they write. They seem to have good ideas about local issues.

Kaity said...

Hi Andy. I love the pictures and laughed out loud at Logan going up to tell Brian that he had to poop. Keep posting.

Sienna said...

Great pictures. I can't believe how big Monet is getting.

Pamela Palmer said...

I laughed too. Plus your post helps establish the blog as a bigger family news source, which we all want. In other words, keep those cards and letters coming.(And tell your family to too.)