Monday, May 30, 2011


Yesenia and Toa and their two friends Emily and Linda came down for the weekend. I hope that one day Yesenia has lots and lots of babies, she is pretty amazing with kids. We went to the Boardwalk with them and that was super fun. I didn't take any pictures because Yesenia took hundreds. Bug her so she'll put some up on the blog.

I did take some pics with my ipod of our sailing trip which was also super fun. Our friends Ted and Melissa Biggs got a new boat and they took us out sailing. They live on their boat and I wish I lived on a boat. It's pretty fantastic to live in such a tiny place and know exactly what you own. Here are some pictures in true intagram fashion.

The best part of the trip was Ted letting Enzo drive the boat and only referring to Enzo as pirate Enzo. Guess how excited Enzo was? I'm going to miss our friends so much. 

The other best part about our trip was Ted telling us about his sailing trips to Hawaii. Guess how much fossil fuels he used? Not a lot. We really should live on a boat we could sail to Hawaii and maybe even to Brazil without spending thousands of dollars in airfare. They're sailing to Indonesia. I'm so excited for them, I wish I could come with.


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I love the sailing to Hawii part.