Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On Mother's Day each year, Tricia and company bring Mimi to Church. This year it included a fabulous brunch, scrabble game and new hair style, all before the meeting at 12:30. Mimi felt very spoiled (blessed), I am sure.


Pamela Palmer said...

Nice job on Mimi's hair.Tricia, I love your long locks.

Grimsmans said...

Thanks Pammy,
Mimi's hair is nice.....I am tempted to follow her example and get some red in a bottle! I do the very best I can with my locks, without the RED hair I always dreamed of. I always comment on people's beautiful red hair and say "I was daughter that did NOT get beautiful red hair" like my sisters so I do the best I can, darn it! Hope to see you this summer.