Friday, May 20, 2011

two words ---> TOOTH FAIRY

Enzo's tooth came out in the bath. It was super loose. We gave him a piece of toilet paper to wrap around his tooth so that it wouldn't slip and sure enough it quickly came out. Baby Maria who was also in the bath and saw the whole thing decided that she too wanted toilet paper in her mouth and she really wanted to pull a tooth out. She was so sad when she couldn't pull any of her teeth out, she even wanted us to try and pull it out. The funny things is that she's been super sensitive all week since she has 4 big teeth coming in.

Enzo just turned 5. I was expecting his teeth to fall much later. Is this normal? When did your kids' teeth fall out?


chelsea said...

Monet had just turned 5 or was within the first coupld months.

Kaity said...

Gio and Zeke will be so jealous when they see this. They want to lose their teeth so bad. About half the kids in Gio's class are losing their teeth. The other half haven't started.