Monday, May 16, 2011

Two under 2--almost over!

Hi everyone! I know I haven't posted for a really long time, so here's a little update on me and my family here in Maryland.

Lucas is just about 9 months old. His hair is getting lighter, but still is dark at the tips. He gnaws on everything with his 4 teeth and drooly gums, and yes, he still spits up! Can't crawl yet, but has mastered sitting up and rolling everywhere. We love his eyes and his smile, especially because of his dimple! He's pretty good at playing on his own, but will always let us know when he's ready for some attention, or when Kadin's clobbering has gone too far!

Kadin is now 22 months old and is more active than ever. We are definitely running out of high places to keep things out of reach 'cause he just learns to climb higher and higher. His verbal vocab is sky rocketing and he can repeat couplets now. He loves books, his new Megablocks, and his kids shows. We finally moved him to a toddler bed last month since he could climb out of the playpen and was starting to make holes in the mesh siding! I'm actually looking forward to potty training because changing diapers is such an ordeal for our little mover that can't stay still! I can't believe that he'll finally be 2 in July! I've been calling my kids "the babies" this whole time, but soon I'll have two toddlers (that is, if Lucas ever learns to walk)!

Scott is getting more and more comfortable at work. We're very proud of him! And he is such a big help when he is home in the evenings and on weekends. He did everything for me for Mother's Day. We look forward to celebrating our 4th anniversary coming up at the end of the month, although we'll be moving, so not sure how we'll celebrate yet--something small.

I am totally immersed in this world of babies and sometimes I feel like I need something more. I keep trying to pick up a new hobby to keep me sane, but I never keep up with it for more than a day! I still barely have time to take care of my basic needs, let alone do something for fun! But I do attend RS activities and the temple whenever I can to at least get a break now and then. I'm also hoping to do some gardening once we're in our new home, but I'm sort of afraid Kadin will destroy it! (Here's a photo Kadin took by himself.)

Which brings me to our biggest news: we are buying our own home! We close on WEDNESDAY and will be moving in next week. It's not a detached home like we were looking for originally, but it's a duplex that has a really good "house" feel to it. The neighborhood is very inviting and convenient to everything. We'll have an extra room, so come and visit! With this big of an expense, we will most likely not be making it out to Hawaii till next year, and we sure do miss all of you in Laie.

Sorry this is so long! Love you all and hope you have a great summer!
The Mikolyskis


Lani Roehl said...

Wow, Lucas' eyes ARE really amazing! What super-beautiful 'babies' you have :) I can totally relate to being too crazy and busy to do anything for yourself. I still have the scrapbooks that got put 'on hold' when Elijah was born, and the quilt I started before ANY kids were born. I should have finished it then! Love you Robbie!

sienna said...

great post. i can't believe how big your boys are. congrats on your house. bo loves helping us with the garden, although he did pull a bunch of our seedlings out after he saw me weeding. oops. he really was trying to help. i'm sure you know all about that.

mariah said...

votre bebes sont tres mignon! comme toujours. Je m'ennuie de vous tous

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I'm so glad you posted sweet Robbie. I Your wedding was my favorite wedding ever. I still remember how special it was, with your family singing, and everyone just really having a good time.

Your boys are adorable. I'm so happy for you guys on so many levels, the house, the job, the family you have.

I gotta run.
love you

Metta said...

Yay Robbie! I am proud of you; keeping things together and moving and shaking your family of four into a new home. Whenever I think of you guys, I just seriously think of the American dream. So dreamy to have your own home now and everything! Will you be switching wards now, or do you get to keep your community? And the most important question: is there a guest bedroom? Haha! Hope to see you sometime before the year is over... xoxo love you guys so much!

mariah said...

we called jesse and christian the babies too. yours are harder than twins because you can't let them fight it out. (plus two pregnancies.) moving is hard but it sounds like it will be worth it. when are you coming this way again? glad to get a glimpse of you at least. love. pam

Melinda said...

kadin looks like such a temple! so cute. how did you get kadin to not hurt lucas? i'm linus' bodyguard whenever owen's around. it's tough! thanks for the update and good luck with the new HOUSE!

mariah said...

p.s. they are soooooo cute. (pam)

Mariko said...

Hmph. You guys really think you're allowed to get so big and grown up without us? Really?

Oh, and a house over visiting us in Hawaii? HMPH!

We need to talk.

Robbie said...

Yes, Mariko, hopefully when school's out I'll finally be able to TALK to you again! So excited for you, btw. :)

Mariah, I can't believe you didn't get called to a French-speaking mission! Tu nous manques beaucoup.

Meli, what do you mean "did"? Kadin still attacks Lucas left and right. It's a constant battle around here, but Lucas has always been a tough guy and hardly makes a peep. Good luck with keeping Linus safe.

Sienna, I'm glad you wrote b/c I knew you would have some experience with a toddler and gardening. I'll keep that in mind that he's only trying to help!

Metta--we are staying in our ward! Partly why we couldn't get a real house, but we think it will be worth it. :)

Pam, no way could mine be harder than having twins, plus older siblings on top of that! You just handle everything so well.

Lani, yeah, my sewing machine has not come out once since Lucas was born and for 2010 I just backed up all my photos on a DVD and called that a photo album. :)

Da, you're too sweet.

Oh, Kadin is here attacking the keyboard. time to go!

Kaity said...

Yay!!! Thanks for posting Robin. I love the pics. Lucas and Kadin look quite a bit different. Maybe when Lucas gets all his blonde hair they'll look more alike. Soon everyone will be asking you if they are twins everywhere you go. Maybe they already do. I can't believe you guys are buying a house. That is so awesome.