Thursday, May 14, 2009

29+ Reasons why Bekah is awesome

And why we're glad it's her birthday.
1. She's beautiful.
2. And, she's a really good cook.
3. She is very easy going.
4. She is good at having fun living in crazy foreign places, like Taiwan, Japan, Cape Verde, Portugal, and Irvine.
5. She is willing to move to Maine or Montana, but really wants to end up in Hawaii.
6. She has really cute kids.
7. She is a very patient, down to earth, good mom.
8. She likes to hike and camp,
9. And kayak.
10. She has been a good sport about being quasi-vegetarian.
11. She is also good at having fun without having any money.
12. She likes to read, and she's smart.
13. She is fun to talk to.
14. Her oatmeal cookies are famous,
15. She likes my family. (She even lived with my mom after we broke up, while I was in China, coming to my senses.)
16. She doesn't freak out when I tell her I want to change careers and be a fireman.
17. She like to go to the beach, a lot.
18. She can sing, and play the piano, and lead a ward choir.
19. She always says yes to callings, even cub scouts, sunbeams, or teaching relief society in a Chinese speaking ward in Taiwan.
20. She looks good with long hair and short hair.
21. She does almost all of the laundry and cleans the bathroom.
22. She is a good blogger. Her posts are short and funny, with impeccable timing.
23. She has a really cool family. You hear stuff about crazy brother or mother in laws, but I can't relate. They are all very cool.
24. She thinks sacred falls is a Sunday hike (and said so in our mission prep class).
25. She knows almost everyone in our ward, including kids, which is a major accomplishment.
26. She is willing to drive most of the way on long car trips.
27. She is very non-judgmental.
28. She is older than me, but no one would ever guess.
29. She is ok about having random people show up and stay unspecified lengths of time.
And finally, she was crazy enough to marry me. Happy Birthday Bekah.


Mariko said...

I checked the blog several times today waiting for this post.


31: Bekah is really no-nonsense about figuring things out. If she wants to do something, and it should be done, she does it, even if it seems kind of weird or scary.
Examples: She got some car part or other at the dump (which really made a great story, but I would never do it without someone who had done that)
She bought us tickets for the Studio Ghibli Museum on a weird Japanese ticket machine, and she just figured out what to do and it turned out the right way. Me? I would have said, "Oh, sorry, we can't go there. I'm scared of the ticket machine."

Damaris said...

29 things because Bekah looks 29?

You guys make really cute kids. That family picture is adorable.

Did you have a fun birthday Bekah? I hope you were able to eat some good food, maybe even a really yummy cake.

Karen said...

reading all of the points makes me miss bekah! happy birthday today.

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday Bekah. I thought about you on and off today but never called. I love Bekah. She is so fun and funny. I love going to their house to hang out. There is always good dinner and conversation.

Yesenia said...

Bekah always knows the right thing to say and never makes me feel dumb for thinking silly things.She has given me some amazing advice on important things in life and I am glad she's a part of the family. She has great girls and it's always fun hanging out with them in Sacramento or Hawaii. I hope you had a wonderful day! xoxo

enoch + gang said...

I vote Maine and then Hawaii. Ditto the chill about having people come stay, even in tiny Japanese apartments, ditto the super cute kids and don't forget great gardener. Reading this is making me hungry. Happy Birthday, Bekah!!!
xo, amy

sienna said...

bekah is the best! and so beautiful! bekah still loves me even though she met me at one of my more annoying stages of life. i love spending time you her in hawaii, irvine, wherever. she's easy to be with and has an infectious smile and laugh. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you are part of our family!

Robbie said...

Happy Birthday, Bekah! Have a great weekend, too! Love you.

chelsea said...

Happy birthday bekah, We love you.

Bekah said...

Thanks everyone! Wow! You guys made me laugh. I had a great birthday, I'll eventually blog about it because it was just what I wanted. I did have cake today. We got the costco lemon bundt cake and the costco chocolate bundt cake (we had a bonfire at the beach and managed to eat almost all of them). And I hope you all come visit us soon (not at the same time, though. The best was when Pablo and Co and fam came to Disneyland and slept on every available floor space. It was pretty cool to see how many bodies would fit and everyone was cuddled up to each other in the morning. Way Cute.)

Damaris said...

I don't care much for cakes but I LOVE bundt cakes and lemon is my fav. I wish I could have been there. A bonfire sounds so perfect.

We're going to come and visit before you guys move. maybe we'll crash on your floor and go to Disney world when Iris comes in August.