Friday, May 29, 2009

may 29: celebrating 14 years of christian

attractive guests
how many peanut m&m's in a one quart mason jar?

after dinner entertainment (chopin)

jasmine's kitten felix

the girls

what we love about the birthday guy



happy birthday!
(see's candy graduation box)


chelsea said...

Happy Birthday Christian!!! We LOVE you!

noelle said...

cute pics Karen. Christian really is a sweetheart. he's great fun to be around.

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad I got to see you the other week.

mariah said...

nice pictures karen:) i love christian... what a good time!

Yesenia said...

Happy Birthday, brother! Christian is seriously one of the coolest people I know and I love having him as my brother. I hope you had a wonderful day!! Love you!

Pamela Palmer said...

Yesenia thinks you are studly, Christian, and I have to agree (but don't let it go to your head). First things first, i.e. school, etc. Happy Birrthday. see you soon.

sienna said...

looks like a fun party. happy birthday christian! glad you have so much good family around to celebrate with. wish we could have been there.

Anonymous said...

christian.. yur 14 now we should go to the 14th theater at 00:14 hundred hours on the 14th day of the 14th month and the coolest part is that we would both be 14 tell jasmine i miss her and i cant wait to see you guys