Saturday, May 9, 2009


9 Things I love about mikey

9-- great hugs whenever I see him
8-- so good looking (such a good model)
7-- so good at karate, reading, math and rip stick

6-- so much fun
5-- so smart
4-- so good at doing his homework after school
3-- such a good friend to all the younger kids like amaya
2-- such good taste- loves all things japanese like me
1--so nice to me


Damaris said...

Mikey is so great and a huge part of his greatness is that he has such an awesome dad that loves to play with him and listen to him.

I love how Mikey is always super nice to Enzo even when Enzo is being annoying and not playing fair Mikey has always been nice and patient with him.

Karen said...

amen to all the great things! great portraits!

Mariko said...

I love that underwater one.
Amaya loves Mikey. He is such a good cousin to her: so sweet, so patient.

Pamela Palmer said...

I too love Mikey more than I can say. He is also nice to me, even when I ignore him and let him camp on the computer for hours while I do yard work when I should be doing something more fun with him.

noelle said...

mikey is seriously so handsome. it's unfair. he's so sweet too and always says hi to me when i see him at laie or when he comes over to play. love mikey so much.

david a bouchers said...

Happy Birthday Mikey! 9 reasons we love mikey--he is so cool, funny, he can always make us laugh, nice, has the greatest eyes, is a great big brother, the most awesome cousin, amazing at Waimea, and a great athlete. We could go on and on.....
We miss you!

chelsea said...

so devilishly handsome... happy b-day Mikey. I remember playing with you in Sacramento when you were a baby 2 year old.