Monday, December 28, 2009

Andy's Last Day

Today was Andy's last day of work. His engineering colleagues came out of the woodwork to have some fun with an impressive power point questionnaire (at one point Andy was convulsing with laughter), his friend Rick wrote a biography and a few stood up and talked about life with Andy as their mentor. Andy closed with a modest speech, saying that his own father was his mentor and taught a very average boy (average height and weight as a kid, also a middle child) that he could do well. His dad always saw and supported the best in him. Andy had followed that example in teaching those he supervised. He expressed great love for and confidence in everyone in the room and the fulfillment of being a public servant for residents of the city of Sacramento for more than 32 years.

Andy turned down an offer of a fancy lunch affair, so this "party" was in the board room and they served cake and ice cream and gave him a gift card to his favorite electronics warehouse. After having packed up his entire office which was filled with great memorabilia: photos, cards, art by his children etc... (stuff like that at home went up in smoke with the fire), Andy spent his last hours clearing his digital memorabilia from his work computer. It took hours, and Logan stayed with grandpa to the very end. Andy, it turns out, is a very good man. This is what everyone agreed on.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I hope you enjoy more time with the family and have some fun. We love you. David, Michele & family.

Damaris said...

congrats. now you can enjoy a trip to Hawaii and relax.

Pamela Palmer said...

wow. congratulations, andy. you really do now have no excuse. hoe we see you soon.

Colleen said...

Hi Andy,

Karen always describes things so perfectly. It was like we were there. We are very proud to have such a good brother who everyone loves and admires.