Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cowells, Dec 28th

Enzo and I went surfing at Cowells today. He had a lot of fun and we got some good waves. We found a hood for him in the freebin but he didn't want to wear it. We still need to get some booties so his feet won't be so cold. I also need to teach him how to swim. After Damaris came out and I pushed her into some waves. It was her first time getting into the water here in Santa Cruz but hopefully not the last. Some friends from the ward were also in the water and it was a fun day.

Cowells, Dec 28th, 2009 from damaris santos-palmer on Vimeo.


Mariko said...

Those are the cutest little waves I've ever seen.

christian said...

They really are. Plus the whole thing is sand bottom, waist deep, and everybody is really friendly. It almost feels like a different sport.

Tony said...

enzo is so brave. that water looks freezing. i am so impressed.