Sunday, December 27, 2009


Shana was Adam's Santa: Gorgio Armani. Turns out Adam really doesn't mind getting presents (if they're the right kind). Sorry about all these posts. My pictures are crappy, but they're all I've got and I'm trying to figure this out.
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Damaris said...

my kind of girl!
I bought Chris Gorgio Armani for our 5 year anniversary.

Adam is lucky. Shana gets him awesome gifts and they're not even married yet.

Damaris said...

keep the pictures coming. i love them.

sienna said...

great posts! no apologies necessary. wish we were there!

Karen said...

you're good, pammy!

Karen said...

its fun to finally see a picture of Shana. very cute!

Shana Squier said...

I love this smell. What a fun Christmas.