Thursday, April 17, 2008

what I learn in school

I'm taking this social software class because I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to make webpages and podcasts. The idea is good the class is, humm..... not at all in my comfort zone. It's me and 10 guys who all happen to be game majors. My fellow class mates happen to be in the class and happen to know what they are doing. I have NO idea what I am doing. this week we are learning about php coding and as a project we have to create an application for facebook. I had to create an account. Bekah wrote a good post on her blog about facebook. In the end of the quarter I will delete the account so don't go out of your way to add me or anything like that. I already use ORKUT so if you are on that let me know.

ANYWAY.... all that blah, blah because I am shocked with something I found out on facebook. Bekah is right you can find pretty much anyone. I was resisting adding friends but kind of needed it in order to create an application so I decided to search for friends from middle school. In searching I found out that this kid I used to be good friends with and later developed into my first kiss is in the film Cloverfield. So basically I wasted class time being shocked and now I will probably waste more time watching the movie. I just have to. I should of taken another social science class nothing exciting happens in those classes.

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