Friday, April 18, 2008


I really like this picture that I took with Sienna's camera. I think that Pammy and Sienna look so pretty and I really like Zeke's expression. He's feeling shy or something.

For some reason everyone who sees Zeke running up and down the sidewalks by our house thinks he should be talking. So, in case you were wondering if Zeke talks yet too. . . he doesn't. But he does say the sounds mama, dada, up, down, dog, and no no. He also dances when Gio sings (however monotone). He's being supportive I guess.

I am trying to think of something funny that Gio has said or done lately, but as it is 1:03 am and my brain went to sleep at 8:00 pm with the boys the only thing I can think of is that Lizzy let Gio bring home a recorder (the instrument) or "whistle" of theirs that he was playing with. Later, as I was making dinner Gio was talking about something I couldn't decipher. He wanted to know if I knew where the thing went from earlier that he was "weasling" with. I laughed kinda hard when I figured it out.

Also, Gio has conversations with his friends now. This is one he had this morning.

Gio: Doyle, can I have turn on your two wheeler when you're done.
Doyle: No. I'm not sharing.
Gio: But, sharing is fun. Sharing is so fun.
Doyle: No it's not. Sharing is yucky.

(I think his mom taught him that sharing gum is yucky.)
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noelle said...

awww i love zeke's face. that's so cute! such a pretty picture of pammy and sienna too.

Karen said...

kaity, cute conversation worked for me. col, or chuckling out loud :) zeke looks like he's so in love. and loved. lovely picture.