Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HE DID IT and I missed it. arghhhh!!!!

Enzo has been practicing doing somersaults for a long time. He tries so hard but his huge head, short arms, and short legs just aren't proportional to somersault success. Today he did it all by himself for the first time. I did a quick run to the food panty and when I came back to the yard all the big boys were surrounding Enzo and talking about it and Christian told me that he had just done it. ARGGGGG!!! I missed his first somersault. He did do it again for me and it was everything I've always wanted in baby somersault, nice and clunky.

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Melinda said...

hopefully that run to the food panty was worth it. :) yay for enzo's somersault! next is a cartwheel!