Monday, April 21, 2008


4/20 is the police code for pot possession. It is also the day that people congregate to smoke pot. How creative. It's pretty much a Holiday here. People take it very seriously and congregate in the Porter meadow which happens to be right behind family student housing. Last year they had over 5000 people. Yesterday I have no idea how many people showed up but for sure it was at least that many. Oh and guess what at 4:20pm they all scream and light up together, even more creative. I actually don't normally mind people smoking pot but the second hand smoke of thousands of people in your back yard is not cool. Not to mention the insane traffic coming back from church and the insane traffic of people everywhere. Some families participated in the festivities by making cookies and brownies and selling it over priced to very hungry stoners. I would of been very tempted had it not been Sunday. Instead I stayed home tie-dyed and watched my neighbor from across my yard sell pot none stop. What a day. Anyway, I hadn't tie-dyes since Hawaii so it was fun. Here are my creations.

for Enzo

For a friend

For my kitchen

This was supposed to be red and white but it came out pink and purple.

For my boys


Karen said...

lovely...4/19 was shelley's birthday. she had a great mostly impromptu couple of days. suzelle made a surprise appearance. (called the night before to say she was coming.) i love everything about you and your posts. still pondering about the rice on the carpet.

Damaris said...

Celebraing Shelley is way beter than celebrating marijuana. Too bad she made it very clear to me as soon as she found out how much I'm into birthdays that she HATES celebrating her brithday and having anyone celebrate it for her. I was shocked but I love her anyway.