Friday, March 14, 2008

Still not a runner

My favorite neighbor came to visit us and we sat in solidarity of each other. We went through Shelly and Steve withdrawal when they went to Hawaii. We were so happy they came back for their weekly Santa Cruz life. This week is the last week of the quarter and Enzo has started pretending that his foot hurts whenever he needs attention. Steve gave him some good attention taking him outside and playing with him. This week I also got an ankle brace. I was positive that by now my foot would be healed. It still hurts a lot and I have to use crutches. I'm pretty upset. I guess this wanna be dancer with a dancer's fracture will have to drop out of the ballet class I was signed up for. At this point I'm just hoping to start walking normally again. I'll start physical therapy when I came back from Brazil.

We leave on Sunday, arrive in Miami on Monday, (15 hour layover in Miami) then arrive Sao Paulo on Tuesday. My family doesn't have internet and the only place to really get it is the Mall. Our favorite place to spend out time while we are in Brazil. Anyway, if you guys need to reach us just call my mom's house at 011-5511-3501-2001.

I can't wait to see my family. My grandma has been really ill so we'll probably spend most of our time actually with her. I am also excited for Enzo's birthday feijoada. I wish you could all be there. Hopefully one day you'll all get to meet the rest of my family. Everyone is pretty cool, Iris is the coolest. As for Enzo's birthday we are having a birthday party for him the first Saturday in April here in Santa Cruz if you live in California you should definitely come!

I hear that there will be a big gathering in Hawaii. Shelly and Steve are going back on Tuesday to be in with all the fun. Can't wait to see everyone in the summer!

I finished my piece where I interviewed Kaity and Danny. I posted it on my blog if you want to hear it I had fun with it.

Beijos, Da


Karen said...

Damaris, I loved the picture. I, by the way tried to be a runner today and did one mile in the neighborhood. i usually don't run at this weight, but it was ok and i felt pretty good. i loved your food blog and the picture of your grandma with all the granddaughters brought tears to my eyes. i love you and thank you for the delight you bring to my life. love you more than stone soup.

Damaris said...

Karen, I love you! I’ve also been missing your contribution to the blog. I’m glad you enjoyed running. The weather has been nice. Hope to see you in April for Enzo’s birthday party.