Friday, March 14, 2008

Ni Hao ma? I guess I've been reading this blog over Pammy's shoulder for long enough and it's about time I contributed on my own (now that and I'm too far away to look over Pammy's shoulder) For those of you who don't know, I'm doing a two month internship in Tai Chung Taiwan (the same place Jesse lived when he was here).

You'll never guess who I ran into at church...That's right! ELDER OLIVER PALMER! I couldn't believe it!! I was so excited and I didn't even start talking to him, he started talking to me. I was just talking to some ward members introducing myself and he was in the foyer waiting to go to the other ward. He heard that I was from Hawaii and he stopped me and asked if I knew the Palmers. I just looked at him in unbelief. Do I know the Palmers? I've been adopted by them. I more than knew them. I lived with them. I was so excited, I was on the edge of hysterical, I was completely giddy. Just to be in contact with a member of my favorite family. I wanted a picture with him just so I had proof but he needed his companion and and his meeting was starting. I made my roommate wait for his meeting to get out but I got my picture (which is totally awful...where's Adam when you need him). It was a tender mercy from the Lord just when I needed it. What are the chances on meeting him when there's a million missionaries here and the one related to the Palmer family would be in the same building as my branch.


Damaris said...

Oliver? No way! Of all the (how ever many) cousins and children of cousins that Christian has on that side of the family, Oliver is one of the few that I've met. He goes to Princeton so we hung out a couple times at Enoch and Amy's house. I remember when he got his calling. Small Mormon world.

oh and about "where is Adam when you need him?" I can totally relate. I haven't had a decent picture of Enzo since leaving Hawaii.

noelle said...

hey tailee!
thats so cool. i totally know what you mean about the tender mercies of the lord. it's so awesome.

oh, and i told my friends that you knew the korean three bears song and they were freaking out! haha, it was great.

Karen said...

i feel i know you, Tailee. thanks for posting.

Kaity DeMartini said...

Whoa that is so cool and random. I love the picture.

Pamela Palmer said...

Hi Tailee. Sorry I haven't communicated (and never responded to your post). I am still missing you. It's not as fun without you. Sienna has been here almost a week and Kaitlin came last night. It's been fun to see Mikey and Minami playing with them. No school feels great too. Sienna tie dyed two shirts for Tony. Fred did his play. It finally rained again. Life is pretty ordinary in a nice way. (No news is good news and all that.) Hope your helmet's keeping you safe. Love you more than lots of sleep.