Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arrived in Brazil

this is actually christian. We arrived in Brazil in one piece. Enzo can go for a very long time without sleep. He gets pretty wired though. He loved watching sesame street podcasts on the ipod which made everything a lot easier, plus the huge bag of all of his favoite foods (apples, rice cakes, trader joes cat cookies, honey whole wheat pretzels, chees crackers,ect). Our layover in Miami was actually a good thing. We slept in a real bed, ate good food, and got ready for the next leg of our voyage. It was good to see Damaris´s cousin and family as well. Since weĆ© been here Enzo loves playing with Bruno and basically jut follows him around which is nice. Its good to be here. We all got a good night´s sleep last night which makes all the difference in the world. Although Enzo got up at 6:30 and has been a little crusty. He´ll probably get used to the time differenc right as we´re leaving. I´m at the mall using their computer and my time is about to run out.


Mariko said...

Traveling with kids is the worst. I feel for you, even if you say it went pretty well. I only did a 5 hour flight with Amaya last night and I was about ready to either pull my hair out and scream, or die from embarassment-- not sure which. She woke up about every five minutes and thrashed and screamed and kicked the chair in front of us while she tried to get comfortable. She also knocked my glasses off about 5 bazillion times, so I was constantly looking for them on the floor. I should have bought an ipod specifically for the trip. REALLY. That is an ingenious idea.

Bekah said...

We have certainly gotten our money's worth out of the little portable DVD player. It has probably saved us from child abuse on some road trips, or parent abuse. Speaking of which, there was a funny article in the Onion. "100 percent of children believe they are the victims of abuse," or something like that. Have fun in Brazil. Finally went surfing. Brrrr. Wetsuit worked though, which was nice.

Karen said...

all of the snacks sound good to me. enzo and i must love all the same things (even the tj cat cookies) how fun to hear from you from brazil.