Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What do these two have in common?

I think Enzo had an Andy (The Office) moment today. Remember that episode where Andy is floating away in his blow up sumo suit and Angela pretends she doesn't understand what he is telling her?

I've been a very boring mom these last couple days since I've been sick. Today Enzo woke up at 6:30am and Chris was out surfing. After getting all of his books from his bedroom and bringing them in our room to try to get me to move he started saying "papai, papai" (daddy, daddy). This went on for about 2 hours. I just ignored him as I crashed on his bedroom floor pretending to play blocks with him but not really moving. He then went to my room grabbed a picture of Christian from out night stand came back pointed to Christian's face in the picture and said is a very sad voice, "papai please, papai please."

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Sienna said...

That is a really funny story. Sounds like Enzo is definitely learning to communicate.