Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pammy and Sienna

I'm late--not really for Pammy, but definitely for Sienna--Suzelle reminds me that I'm choosing my life, so I must like being insanely busy--but I still have my priorities, and they involve both of you. You two are very much alike. Must be why your birthdays are so close together. I love that both of you are always insightful, very well centered, creative, so dang intelligent--and beautiful although in this way, you are very distinct, and don't look any more alike than me and Noelle. I love how original you both are. I love you both.


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Pamela Palmer said...

thanks colleeny. you are very loved too. maybe nan is right--we complement each other. (every mimi needs her austin.) so feel free to come over to kahuku. i'd step aside so you could be gt coordinator. (you'd get an extra prep!) it would be in good hands with you. jan harney put you right up with lynette ho ching as women with incredible energy.