Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I just voted (for the first time!) and received in return a sticker that says "I voted." I'm proudly displaying it. As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about the whole "politically active" thing. I registered as a Democrat, and it felt good to tell the people in my ward who are trying to coerce me into voting for Romney that I couldn't vote for him because I'm not a Republican. Ha! (even though i do respect republicans...)

anyway, I hope you all vote whenever, however you can.



Jesse said...

that's great. it looks like you voted for the right candidate (imho). i also think you could have been justified voting for Romney, because I think he has a much smaller chance of winning the national election than McCain, and so a primary vote for Romney could potentially help the Democrats in the national election. I am waiting anxiously for the results. Much more excited about this than the superbowl, although that goes without saying.

Damaris said...

Congrats! Voting is so important. I'm convinced the whole world should be able to vote for the U.S president since it clearly affects everyone. (Maybe I'm just bitter since I can't vote)